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SupabaseDocubaatT-Drive v.2TakeTurnsKlever SuiteDokky Bookcase ScriptAir
File storage apps provide secure cloud storage for managing and accessing files from anywhere.
Intercom for Startups
Intercom for Startups
Advanced AI-powered features at a 90% discount
181 reviews
Create a backend in less than 2 minutes. Start your project with a Postgres Database, Authentication, instant APIs, realtime subscriptions and Storage.
Gon Gged
Ant Wilson
kiwicopple and 656 others use Supabase
34 reviews
TransferChain utilizes a client-side end-to-end encrypted 🔐 distributed cloud ☁️ with blockchain authorization ⛓ and zero-knowledge protocols – providing the world’s most Private & Secure file sharing and storage. No one can access your files besides the intended recipients.
Ozan Yalçın
Gizem Nur Keskin
Nicola Lanzilotto
Ozan Yalçın and 85 others use TransferChain
44 reviews
Super charge your document knowledge with our Docubaat ChatGPT Agent. Upload, summarize and receive accurate insights from your docs, all in one go.
Mert Baser
Mert Baser and 52 others use Docubaat
T-Drive v.2
12 reviews
Use Telegram as a practically unlimited file storage.
Tarkan Bulan
Nikolay Kusch
Tarkan Bulan and 45 others use T-Drive v.2
22 reviews
TakeTurns is a turn-based collaboration platform to securely work on business-critical documents and files with people outside of your organization. With TakeTurns, it’s always clear who does what and when.
Kate Chasten
Ill Robyn
Qudsia Ali and 124 others use TakeTurns
Klever Suite
17 reviews
Meet the all-in-one workspace your productive teams deserve to have! Klever Suite brings all your work - projects, tasks, and Wiki docs in one place - so you can focus on being more productive! Here’s what you can do with Klever Suite 👀 🏃‍♂️ Run projects of any size with our flexible Kanban board 📑 Create all kinds of Wiki docs+ diagrams, from product requirement docs to flowcharts 📌 Organize all tasks you’re working on
Alisha Widianti
Duc Doba
Dao Hong Le
Alisha Widianti and 30 others use Klever Suite
Introducing Dokky: The Modern Solution for Sharing, Organizing, and Viewing Documents Online. This Script was created with passion and dedication to provide an unmatched Document Sharing and Viewing experience. And thanks to the suggestions received, Dokky PRO now exists, with which it is possible to sell and receive payments directly on PayPal!
ScriptNet Solutions
New Web Network
ArteKaos Airbrush
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255 reviews
Air is the Creative Operations Platform for marketing teams. It's a visual workspace where your content can be easily stored, shared, managed, and finalized.
Brian Jones
Michael Crupto
Rakesh Edavalath and 111 others use Air
28 reviews
Zimyo HRMS, a cloud-based HR software that automates the HR processes for businesses of any scale. An end-to-end SaaS solution to streamline HR operations and manage complete employee lifecycle from hire to retire.
Alireza Baensaf
Heba Salhin
Aman Rawat
Alireza Baensaf and 91 others use Zimyo
18 reviews
Easily organize with AI, edit live, & host your professional photos on a powerful CDN with one click. Raster is the perfect digital asset gallery for marketing teams, photographers, & developers.
Alan Pledger
Sam Littlefair
Alice Smith
Alan Pledger and 61 others use Raster