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LancepilotLatenode SEO GPTerxes XOSModa
Marketing automation tools are like your personal marketing assistants, helping you streamline and automate repetitive marketing tasks to save time and improve efficiency. These tools provide a range of features to help you manage and optimize your marketing campaigns across diff
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Lancepilot is a Meta Compliant WhatsApp Cold Outreaching Tool, equipped with unique features. It lets youu run single and sequence campaigns to your targeted prospects. It also comes with loaded inbox, workspaces, CRM and analytics to scale your marketing.
Ghulam Abbas
Umar Saleem
Nicola Lanzilotto
Ghulam Abbas and 80 others use Lancepilot
50 reviews
Folderly is a one-stop-shop solution based on AI that covers all aspects of email deliverability: monitoring, testing, and preventing spam issues. Avoid blacklists, bypass spam filters, and see your messages delivered to your email recipients’ inboxes. Free email spam words checker, SPF, and DMARC record generators. Reach inboxes with every email sent.
Vladislav Podolyako
Daria Leshchenko
Margo  Kashuba
Vladislav Podolyako and 133 others use Folderly
56 reviews
Keep consistent data across 1700+ tools without coding. Say goodbye to scattered data and hello to new standard of data synchronization. Standardize, enrich, sync and streamline data across your toolset. Connect your marketing tools and solve the cookieless issue, build cross-channel sales outreach automations and send 10x more messages and emails or connect your online stores to global marketplaces and instantly expand your business. Ready to get your shi... data together? 🎯
Dmitrii Lunin
Huxley Jay
Matous Kralik
Dmitrii Lunin and 125 others use
32 reviews
Latenode is a low-code automation platform that lets you hack any no-code automation workflow with custom code and AI. Create unique integrations with ease. Unlock the full power of JavaScript with NPM packages, multiple triggers, sub-scenarios, and a headless browser to handle any task. Enjoy the most competitive pricing in the market, ensuring you get the best value for your investment.
Daniel V.
Inderpreet Singh
Terry Carson
Daniel V. and 57 others use Latenode
37 reviews
Marketing for startups made simple. From brand strategy to actionable tasks. What will you master today? Learn easily. Execute flawlessly. For Indie Entrepreneurs by Indie Entrepreneurs.
Ilya Berdysh
Ashish K Mishra
Ilya Berdysh and 102 others use MakerBox
122 reviews
SEO GPT: The free, ultimate AI-based SEO tool that uses live data analysis to turn your URL and keyword into unique titles, meta descriptions, topics, ideas, FAQs and other short content that are natural and can pass AI detection.
Soroosh Rabet
Seth Fannin
Madalina B
Soroosh Rabet and 292 others use SEO GPT
erxes XOS
195 reviews
Welcome to erxes, the source available experience management infrastructure. Pioneering the future of experiences through XOS (Experience Operating System), a term coined by us. erxes serves as an alternative to the combined functionalities of Hubspot (CRM & Marketing automation) and Qualitics (Experience management). We aim to redefine business growth by providing unparalleled value to our community. Join us on this transformative journey!
MJ Amartaivan
Undral Amarsaikhan
Carmen Judson
MJ Amartaivan and 118 others use erxes XOS
80 reviews
Grow omnichannel marketing revenue with Moda. Your all-in-one, easy-to-use platform for email, SMS, forms & automations. Boost conversions, drive revenue & speed up marketing workflows.
Gaurav Parvadiya
Abhishek Patil
Gaurav Parvadiya and 122 others use Moda
62 reviews
Narrato is an AI content creation and marketing workspace, that lets marketers, creators and teams, ideate, create, optimize and publish, using AI and automation - all in one place. Narrato over 100+ AI content creation, planning, optimization tools and templates, a content marketing assistant that runs on autopilot, SEO, collaboration, content project management and publishing features. All in a simple, easy-to-use platform with a highly intuitive UI.
George Aleesu
Prem Saini
Tanya Pereira
George Aleesu and 194 others use Narrato
27 reviews
Tired of tedious sales tasks? Let Zaplify do the job for you. Find your ideal customers, reach out automatically, and get actionable insights – all in one platform. Driven by AI.
Annelie Näs
Chaman Sharma
Cindy Lee
Annelie Näs and 73 others use Zaplify