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Testmarket Analytics
Intercom for Startups
Intercom for Startups
Advanced AI-powered features at a 90% discount
Testmarket employs cutting-edge AI for comprehensive sales strategy and analysis, specializing in A/B testing to optimize elements like website design, product descriptions, and pricing. This empowers businesses to boost revenue and sales.
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Folderly is a one-stop-shop solution based on AI that covers all aspects of email deliverability: monitoring, testing, and preventing spam issues. Avoid blacklists, bypass spam filters, and see your messages delivered to your email recipients’ inboxes. Free email spam words checker, SPF, and DMARC record generators. Reach inboxes with every email sent.
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Powered by advanced speech and Natural Language Processing technologies, Vocol is a one-stop voice collaboration platform designed to boost work efficiency by turning voice and data into actionable insights.
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Bisko collects, organizes, and analyzes data from multiple sources and creates customer profiles to inform marketing campaigns, personalize user experiences and improve overall business operations.
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20 reviews is the link management infrastructure for modern marketing teams. Think of us as the open-source Bitly successor – better features, generous limits, and a delightful user experience. Loved by world-class teams like Framer, Raycast, Perplexity and more.
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AhoyConnect is a powerful, simple to set up community analytics app. An easy way to measure your most important metrics to drive business value from your community.
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Vespio AI is a platform that Predicts customer interest, Improves sales pitches & provides in-depth insights from meetings, Generates AI improvement suggestions based on previously won deals. To increase success it aids Sales reps during Live Sales meetings, Enables Managers to go through calls 5x faster, Set pre-call requirements, Catch future product desires and integrate with 3rd party apps for Lead Gen, Rev prediction, Marketing, CS and more.
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Data is key for our jobs, skip the juggling act. We offer analytics designed for non-techies. Connect everything from HubSpot to an app DB, then simply ask for what you need. No SQL, Python or Excel wizardry required. Try Querio and simplify your data game!
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Simplify Your Hotel Business with Our Innovative Software. Experience the future of hotel management with our powerful software. Optimize processes, enhance guest satisfaction, and unlock success. TwixHotel is a complete solution for hotel and resort business.
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Nara makes it easy for small and medium businesses to build an AI sales agent for their websites and social media, increasing their sales capacity. This assistant provides personalized shopping recs to customers and is available 24/7 to answer their questions.
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