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Testmarket Analytics
Startups get over $6,000 of free Notion + unlimited AI
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Testmarket employs cutting-edge AI for comprehensive sales strategy and analysis, specializing in A/B testing to optimize elements like website design, product descriptions, and pricing. This empowers businesses to boost revenue and sales.
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Access 5+ billion shipment records, 400+ million company profiles. Analyze global shipping data, find import-export opportunities, and optimize supply chains. Search buyers and suppliers worldwide. Stay competitive with data-driven insights.
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Sarah Smith
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Folderly is a one-stop-shop solution based on AI that covers all aspects of email deliverability: monitoring, testing, and preventing spam issues. Avoid blacklists, bypass spam filters, and see your messages delivered to your email recipients’ inboxes. Free email spam words checker, SPF, and DMARC record generators. Reach inboxes with every email sent.
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Powered by advanced speech and Natural Language Processing technologies, Vocol is a one-stop voice collaboration platform designed to boost work efficiency by turning voice and data into actionable insights.
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Bisko collects, organizes, and analyzes data from multiple sources and creates customer profiles to inform marketing campaigns, personalize user experiences and improve overall business operations.
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AhoyConnect is a powerful, simple to set up community analytics app. An easy way to measure your most important metrics to drive business value from your community.
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Antonio Barroso
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Unleash the Power of Zintlr: The Ultimate B2B Prospecting Tool Unearth Prospects Like Never Before with Zintlr – Your Ultimate B2B Lead Generation Tool! Access 35M+ Company Records, 120M+ Individual Data, and Effortlessly Bulk Select, Verify, and Export. We Prioritize Efficiency and Quality! We're not just another prospecting tool; we're pioneering the way with cutting-edge extension attached with Psychology Intel, making us the first in the industry to offer this game-changing feature.
Martin Baun
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Introducing LiarLiar, a groundbreaking leap in AI lie detection technology. Designed to discern truthfulness and identify potential deception, LiarLiar operates in real-time, combining proven psychological methods with advanced computer vision. Unlike human observers, who may overlook subtle cues, LiarLiar remains consistently vigilant, analyzing vast amounts of data effortlessly.
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Auto-personalized deal rooms for revenue teams & clients that unite everything & everyone in the process in a single link. 🪄 Deliver an outstanding buying experience that increases conversion 📈 shortens deal cycles, and eases onboardings and renewals. 🚀
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