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Track what visitors are doing on your website.
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24 reviews
TelemetryDeck is a service that helps app and web developers improve their product by supplying immediate, accurate analytics data while users use your app. And the best part: It's all anonymized so your users' data stays private!
Christian Selig
Will Bishop
Roddy Munro
Christian Selig and 39 others use TelemetryDeck
146 reviews
June is product analytics for B2B SaaS. Get auto-generated reports focused on how companies use your product, not users
Fabrizio Rinaldi
James Gill
André J
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49 reviews
Bisko collects, organizes, and analyzes data from multiple sources and creates customer profiles to inform marketing campaigns, personalize user experiences and improve overall business operations.
Dennis Sin
Hamza Afzal Butt and 254 others use Bisko
21 reviews's Graphical Insights, Auto Form Capture, Triggers, and AI Chatbots clarify what your Website's visitors do and why they do it. Access all the insights you need on a single platform. Integrate with marketing tools, CRMs, and Helpdesks to improve visitor engagement and conversions. Install a single script and get started for free.
Tapan Patel
Jitendra Kori
Tej doshi
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Narrative BI
77 reviews
Narrative BI is a no-code analytics platform for growth teams that automatically generates actionable data insights.
Ruben Lozano
Alex Vitchenko
Michael Rumiantsau
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143 reviews
Hotjar’s visual insights, user feedback, and live interviews show you what site visitors do, and why they do it. Access all the insights you need in one place and join 1.1 million websites in 180+ countries who already use Hotjar to turn their clicks into conversions. Install a single script and get started for free.
Emily Hodgins
Scott Hurff
Emily Hodgins and 668 others use Hotjar
54 reviews
Product Analytics? Session Recording? Feature Flags? Experiments? A/B Testing? PostHog does that. PostHog is a suite of product and data tools - everything engineers to build better products. Get started - free.
Elif Duran
Phil Leggetter
Rob Carpenter
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5 reviews
We're busy building and launching... but often forget about making our websites, tools, platforms, and products shine for search engines, look good on social media platforms, and be available 24/7/365 for our real and potential customers.
Shiv Shankar
Charlie Yalf
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5 reviews
ProfitPath is the software that every Amazon Arbitrage merchant needs in this game, we analyze all relevant ecommerce stores and compare them with Amazon to show the best results to our users. The software that lets you profit instantly.
Florian Meierhofer
Jan Luca Elsen
Florian Meierhofer and 3 others use ProfitPath
Swetrix brings an advanced and customisable analytics service for your web applications. We are fully opensource, support lots of features and selfhosted variants. No cookie banners needed. Track every metric you need without invading your users' privacy.
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Maksim Mrug
Hunter Biden
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