The best command line tools in 2024

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API & React app for ID Verification and Background Checks
27 reviews
Pulumi is a open-source cloud development platform: a pure code (JS, TS, Python, and Go) framework for building and deploying serverless, containers, data, infrastructure to any cloud (AWS, GCP, Azure), and Kubernetes.
Aaron Gibralter
Bas codes
Aarav Pittman
Aaron Gibralter and 47 others use Pulumi
6 reviews
Fix bugs in production instantly in your Flutter apps. ⏱️ Integrate in minutes with no code changes 🚀 Instantly deploy over the air updates to users' devices 📊 Monitor patch installs over time ✅ Comply with Play Store and App Store policies
Edouard Marquez
Andrei Lesnitsky
Muhammad Vaid
Edouard Marquez and 16 others use Shorebird
6 reviews
It’s all about speed – Edit a message without touching your mouse. Switch between simultaneous conversations with just arrow keys. Click a button that says “Fix Errors” and your errors start disappearing. Everywhere you need it – from VSCode to Terminal
Khoi Le
Anthony Adams
Khoi Le and 17 others use Sidekick
5 reviews
Calling all developers, data scientists and AI enthusiasts! Want to build private LLMs that you own? We make fine-tuning and inference easy. Build on top of state-of-the-art open-source models with a single API call. 🪄
Nathan Luke
Filxa Adam
Maali and 30 others use Gradient
5 reviews
dstack is an open-source engine that automates infrastructure provisioning on any cloud — for development, training, and deployment of AI models.
Victor Skvortsov
Remco Frijling
Egor Sklyarov
Victor Skvortsov and 1 others use dstack
8 reviews
Convex is a full-stack TypeScript development platform that keeps you focused on your product. Use our realtime database to build apps that are reactive by default. Integrate OpenAI into your workflows with builtin functions, scheduling, and vector search.
Wayne Sutton
Mikael Lirbank
Wayne Sutton and 28 others use Convex
4 reviews
The fastest and easiest way to get HTTPS in your local development environment, gives you browser trusted HTTPS certificates for your web apps in development. The CLI tool handles all setup & system configuration in seconds, and guides you through application setup instructions based on your language and framework. Supports JavaScript, Next.js, Python, Django, Ruby, Ruby on Rails and Go apps, with more to come.
Jesse Robbins
Wesley Beary
Mark Turner
Jesse Robbins and 2 others use
20 reviews
Specify is a flexible and powerful tool designed to streamline the creation of Design Token processes, customizing them to fit the unique needs of your Design System.
Valentin Chrétien
Rainbow Scientist
Paolo Castro
Valentin Chrétien and 16 others use Specify
10 reviews
The developer platform for on-demand cloud development environments to create software faster and more securely.
Ridho Febriansa
Mimi Shahzad
Marlen Littel
Ridho Febriansa and 24 others use Gitpod
3 reviews
Aventus is a frontend development tool to simplify native web component management, enable easy creation of full web apps with data, store, views, and custom logic. Now available as a VSCode extension for seamless download and coding.
Maxime Bétrisey
Martin Tavernier
Gabriel Rossier
Maxime Bétrisey and 3 others use AventusJs