The best static site generators in 2024

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EleventyControlLean Canvas AIShipixenJust Launch ItdocsifyLumeTailspark
Static site generators are tools used to build websites that consist of static HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files. Unlike dynamic websites that generate content dynamically from a database, static site generators pre-build the website's pages, which can then be served directly to us
API & React app for ID Verification and Background Checks
15 reviews
A simpler static site generator. An alternative to Jekyll. Written in JavaScript. Transforms a directory of templates (of varying types) into HTML. Works with HTML, Markdown, JavaScript, Liquid, Nunjucks, Handlebars, Mustache, EJS, Haml, and Pug.
Stephanie Eckles
Pelle Wessman
Stephanie Eckles and 62 others use Eleventy
5 reviews
Design, edit, animate and launch websites from your browser. Get your invite at 🎟️ Made in NYC🗽 and Lviv 🇺🇦.
Ross Sokolovski
Jay Peterson
Khalea Berry
Ross Sokolovski and 22 others use Control
Quickly preview your startup idea as a Lean Canvas using AI.
Helghardt Avenant
Kshitij Mishra
ogwuche s paul
Helghardt Avenant and 11 others use Lean Canvas AI
4 reviews
Create a production-ready landing page & blog with your branding, theme & pages. You get the code & an SEO-optimized website so you can focus on building, not setting up.
Carl Poppa
Marcel Sim
Jitesh ⭕ and 14 others use Shipixen
A fully-loaded SvelteKit boilerplate to rapidly build and launch your unicorn SaaS, AI or web startup so you can get to market faster. Skip the boring stuff and get straight to building your product, validate your ideas and earn $$$ faster.
Bristi Jana
James Joffe
Sriparna Sadhukhan
Bristi Jana and 3 others use Just Launch It
3 reviews
Docsify generates your documentation website on the fly. To start using it, all you need to do is create an index.html and deploy it on GitHub Pages.
Hibbitts Design
Joseph Orbegoso Pea
Yujia Li
Hibbitts Design and 1 others use docsify
3 reviews
Lume is the Galician word for fire but also a (yet another) static site generator for Deno. It’s inspired by other general-purpose static site generators, such as Jekyll and Eleventy, but it’s more flexible and easier to use and configure.
Oscar Otero
Sophia Isabella
Oscar Otero and 19 others use Lume
2 reviews
300+ High-quality TailwindCSS components in 5 different styles. Completely free to use for commercial and personal projects without attribution.
CreateHtmlForm is a simple tool for building HTML forms with Markdown. You could utilize markdown-like syntax and render it in one of various popular frontend а frameworks for seamless web integration.
Pavel Osadchuk
Ghost Kitty
Dawood Ali
Pavel Osadchuk and 4 others use Create HTML Form
2 reviews
Linkademic is the quickest way to unify your digital academic portfolio. Group and share your publications, research, social profiles, lab pages, and more.
Hammad Ahmed
Hammad Ahmed uses Linkademic