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What is PostHog?
Product Analytics? Session Recording? Feature Flags? Experiments? A/B Testing? PostHog does that. PostHog is a suite of product and data tools - everything engineers to build better products. Get started - free.

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PostHog for Startups
PostHog for Startups is THE most generous program for startups who need Analytics, Session Replay, A/B testing or Feature Flags. Get $50,000 in credits AND private office hours with PostHog's exec team every month AND merch AND more...
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PostHog is a product analytics platform for teams that want to keep their data private.
👨‍💻 Host in the cloud or your own infrastructure
🛠️ Analyze funnels, paths, trends
🧪 Run A/B tests and correlation analysis
🎥 Record user sessions
🗄️ Sync with BigQuery,S3
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