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Forecastr helps founders build great financial models online. Our analysts work with you to build a model that’s tailored to your unique needs. Forecastr makes it easy to track & share key metrics so you can make better decisions & raise the capital you need.
Aden Will
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We do your 📂 spreadsheets, 📈 graphs, and 🔮 automations. You get P&L, CF, Financial Projections, Plan/Fact, Unit Economics, and finally, peace of mind. All in familiar to you Google Spreadsheets. Forget about months of integrations and insane setup costs.
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Andrew Alex
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Modeliks is a business planning and investor reporting software for startups and SMEs. It helps the user build a professional financial model, report to investors with automated dashboards and create an investor ready pitch deck or business plan.
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Puzzle is a core accounting solution that helps startups build better companies. You get real-time financial statements for fundraising and taxes, plus insights, metrics (like burn, runway, ARR), FDIC coverage monitoring, and revenue recognition - all in an intuitive UX.
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Causal lets you build financial models effortlessly, connect them directly to your data, and share them with interactive dashboards and beautiful visuals. Run scenarios, compare versions, manage cash and burn, and prepare for fundraising.
Ali Abdaal
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Taimur Abdaal
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Startups cannot afford expensive SaaS tools, and often have their data fragmented across apps. StartOS changes that! Everything you need- in Notion! Now with integrated contextual AI that learns from your data, so you no longer need expensive subscriptions!
Ajinkya Bhat | Notion X Startups
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The all in one financial platform. Manage all of your business and personal finances accounting and tax with Pallo. Expenses, Invoices, receipts, clients, mileage tracking, time tracking, financial insights, budgeting, transfers, payments, accounting and tax.
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Syndicately provides a comprehensive platform designed for the creation and management of Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs), facilitating a simpler investment process for investors and fund managers in private opportunities. From solo entrepreneurs navigating risk and funding for new ventures, to seasoned investment professionals across Family Offices, Angel Investors, Real Estate, Private Equity, and Venture Capital.
Hunter Yeagley
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Settle is on a mission to build cash flow innovation for founders. Settle empowers consumer small businesses to thrive by taking the worry out of cash flow management with an all-in-one platform helping brands level up their cash flow from startup to what’s next. You can easily quickly pay vendors, three-way match POs, manage invoices and, for businesses that qualify, access flexible, short-term financing solutions with Settle Working Capital. Get started at
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Keeping proper financial records is time-intensive and small mistakes can be costly. BooksTime makes sure your numbers are 100% accurate so you can focus on growing your business.
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