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Trusted by more than one million Canadians, Shakepay is a money app that allows you to send money to friends, buy and earn bitcoin or ethereum, and make payments effortlessly.
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Simplici is a mobile-first, biometrically driven platform for rapid KYC, KYB, AML, E-sign, Investor Accreditation, Funds Transfer, and Biometric Payment Fraud Prevention. Ensures swift onboarding, enhanced security, and cost efficiency with Simplici.
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Get unique software discounts, optimize procurement processes, track your subscription usage, use an unlimited number of corporate cards with custom limits — and it's all in one, called Spendbase.
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Chime is banking made awesome. No hidden bank fees, get paid up to two days early, grow your savings automatically and always be in control of your money with our mobile banking app. Apply Today!
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Enable your customers to pay with the best cryptocurrencies in your business. Enjoy automatic conversions to EUR to avoid volatility, or hold it all in crypto. Create an account at and implement our API, payment button, or plugin to get started!
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AI chatbot that helps banks and fintech companies provide comprehensive customer support to their end clients in easy‑to‑communicate way using clients’ native language.
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Kasheesh is the first in market product that let's you split payments at checkout across multiple cards. Find additional savings in our browser extension, and let Kasheesh do the math by utilizing our Smart Split technology to keep your credit on track.
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FinSwiss is a payment platform for global businesses. We integrate traditional finance, emerging markets, and crypto to make global business transactions as easy as using email. Our Prime membership plans completely eliminate foreign exchange fees.
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PRC VTU APP is a use case of Pearl Rush Coin (PRC) in telecommunication industry which you buy airtime, data, subscription to cable tv, pay bills and buy exam pins. With PRC VTU APP you can also send and receive money.
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We help you accept payments and increase sales by offering convenient and efficient solutions.
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