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Intercom for Startups
Intercom for Startups
Advanced AI-powered features at a 90% discount
Kima Network
992 reviews
Kima is a transformative blockchain infrastructure that is revolutionizing the way financial institutions, Web3 applications, and fintech companies leverage the power of digital assets and blockchain technology.
Tomer Warschauer Nuni
GM Kamrussama
Ferdi Akur Milano
Tomer Warschauer Nuni and 2092 others use Kima Network
24 reviews is the Metamask for CeFi. Indeed, it's a non-custodial browser extension allowing you to connect your different Centralized Exchanges, to track, trade & transfer with any dApp integrating our solution while keeping DeFi values (self-custody & UX)
Oscar Mairey
Oscar Mairey and 55 others use
18 reviews
Beam is a self-custody payments wallet for the mainstream — no download or signup required. It's the easiest way on the planet to send money. Beam combines the benefits of crypto with the ease of use and familiarity of products like Venmo & Cash App.
Elies Campo
Dmitrii Lunin
Pete Lada
Elies Campo and 79 others use Beam
8 reviews
Streamlined is B2B payments built for global commerce. We've rethought every step of the payment process, making it smarter, simpler, and more intuitive — so you and your customers get a seamless experience, from invoice to cash.
Artom Konovalov
Cherryl Davis
Gail Thomas
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Our platform offers tools for easy, secure, fast payments in various currencies, from crypto to fiat, ensuring solutions for all payment scenarios.
Hakan Nisgavlıoğlu
Lnw Twelvesky
Umut Can Arda
Hakan Nisgavlıoğlu and 4 others use CoinPays Payment Gateway
78 reviews
Banks charge a lot for overseas transfers. We don't. Transfer money abroad easily and quickly with our low cost money transfers. Join over 6 million people and businesses who get a better deal when they send money with the real exchange rate.
Brendan Ciccone
Matteo Tittarelli
Brendan Ciccone and 139 others use Wise
5 reviews
SendIT makes cryptocurrency transactions seamless by allowing users to send cryptocurrency via Email or Social Handles. The receiver does not need to download a wallet, know how to manage keys or know about cryptocurrency.
Donna White
Denise Moore
Elsayed Ali
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3 reviews
Splitser is the No 1. app to split, settle and pay all your group expenses. It’s the best pick for groups of friends, families, couples, roommates, travellers, colleagues, clubs, unions, fraternities and sororities, teams, etc.
Nick Vlug
Ernst Dibbets
Ghost Kitty
Nick Vlug and 5 others use Splitser
2 reviews
Mural is designed to empower your business with an all-in-one platform combining global payments and automated invoicing and the latest in blockchain technology. Our mission is to make every international transaction fast, scalable, and secure.
Will Murphy
Jackie Jiang
Will Murphy uses Mural
Let's Split
2 reviews
Let's Split is an easy-to-use app designed to help you manage shared expenses with friends, roommates, or travel companions. Create expense groups, add bills, track balances, and settle payments within the app through our integrated payment system, making shared spending easier and more transparent for everyone involved. Whether you're on vacation with a group, planning a party, or just splitting the cost of dinner, Let's Split takes the hassle out of group payments.
Fred Marcoux
Erin Allen
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