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Intercom for Startups
Intercom for Startups
Advanced AI-powered features at a 90% discount
Relai App
172 reviews
Relai is an Android and iOS Bitcoin-only investment app. Buy Bitcoin instantly and hold your keys with ease and simplicity. Join 100,000 others using Relai and start your Bitcoin journey.
José Antonio Bravo
Orange Pill App
Chris Bossert
José Antonio Bravo and 466 others use Relai App
21 reviews
Free, instant payouts for your global team in USDC or Fiat. We handle on/off-ramping and provide up to 7% APY on your balance.
Anthony Green
Martha Baker
Anthony Green and 91 others use Wind
8 reviews
Feeturn: Get back a portion of your Perpetual DEX trading fees that typically go to referrers! 💸 On Perp DEXs like GMX and gTrade, a part of your fees is paid to referrers. Feeturn gives that money back to you, the trader. 💰
Charles Pyo
Technoetic and 5 others use Feeturn
Subscribed.FYI, the co-pilot to save, manage and compare freelancers' SaaS tools.
Pius Binder
Mitchell Bradley
Simonas Vareikis
Pius Binder and 12 others use Subscribed.FYI
The Invity mobile app is an easy-to-use platform designed for crypto beginners and casual users. It allows you to securely buy, sell, transact, and invest in bitcoin regularly and make a comfortable first step into the world of cryptocurrencies.
Jan Petrmichl
Marshall Oliver
Bach and 13 others use Invity app - your friend in crypto
4 reviews
Get unique software discounts, optimize procurement processes, track your subscription usage, use an unlimited number of corporate cards with custom limits — and it's all in one, called Spendbase.
Leon Erostarbe
Paolo Baldini
Евгений Заяц
Leon Erostarbe and 7 others use Spendbase
Vendr Bids
4 reviews
Get the best SaaS prices within 24 hrs, 100% free and anonymous. Choose your SaaS, select any SaaS for competitive prices, and get bids in a day. No “Contact Sales” hassle ever. With over $4B negotiated, $350M saved, Vendr Bids gets you the best price.
Ryan Gilbert
Erin Allen
Raven Howard
Ryan Gilbert and 1 others use Vendr Bids
4 reviews
2K is your ultimate resource for financial decision-making and conscious spending. Our mission is to transform each choice you make into a smart and informed one, unlocking the full potential of your financial wellness.
Steve Gee
Matthew Wheeler
Erin Allen
Steve Gee and 3 others use 2K
3 reviews
Voura is the investment account that rewards you. We're the first automated robo-advisor that gives you a 1% match on every dollar and access to monthly sweepstakes just for investing. Invest on autopilot and earn.
John Nordin
Akhere Ibhazukor
Atsuge benita
John Nordin and 0 others use Voura
USE CODE "MONEYALLY" FOR 70% OFF! Take control of your financial well-being with the Emotional Finance Tracker Notion Template. Track income and expenses, set savings goals, understand your spending triggers and reflect on your latest transactions. Cultivate a healthy relationship with money!
Wendy Olson
Nutan and 4 others use Emotional Finance Tracker