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Intercom for Startups
Intercom for Startups
Advanced AI-powered features at a 90% discount
11 reviews
A Notion-Inspired Personal Finance Dashboard
Morgan Yahney
Amy Rizzo
Ben Waterman
Morgan Yahney and 17 others use Strabo
18 reviews
Create beautiful financial plans with a level of nuance and flexibility that exceeds the standard retirement calculators. Run Monte Carlo simulations, backtest on historical data, plan how to live life on your terms, and reduce anxiety around your finances.
James Daly
Ikhsan Rahardian
James Daly and 30 others use ProjectionLab
7 reviews
Nudge is a quick and simple tool that will analyze your finances and help you plan to achieve financial freedom. No matter where you are in your financial journey, Nudge will guide you to effectively save and spend to reach your goals.
Debra Salt
Bill Betez
Billie Jay Villar
Debra Salt and 25 others use Nudge
3 reviews
FinTok is an innovative platform that allows you to follow in the footsteps of the world's most successful investors. With FinTok, you can track the portfolios of legends like Warren Buffet and see exactly where the "smart money" is being invested.
Lena Pol
Dev Singh
Erin Allen
Lena Pol and 9 others use FinTok
Kniru is a mobile application that lets you completely manage your personal finances using AI. Kniru sends you precise, personalized, actionable insights and answers all your financial questions (Investment, Tax, Retirement, Spend, etc) using a Chat interface.
Rishabh Bose
Danny Myriad CEO
Devansh Kejriwal
Rishabh Bose and 3 others use Kniru: AI-Powered Finance
2 reviews
Carry is an all-in-one platform for tax-advantaged accounts, investments and strategy for business owners and high earning professionals. Use Carry to set up a Solo 401k, self-directed IRA, backdoor + mega backdoor IRA and more.
Evan Cohen
Stephanie Lu
Tushar Rathod
Evan Cohen uses Carry
2 reviews
FINARKY is a portfolio tracker that shows your Personal Rate of Return (PRR), i.e., the APY of the equivalent savings account. This lets you quickly see if you're on track to meet your investment goals, and evaluate and compare your investment decisions.
Amedeo Tronconi
Xavi Caballé
Erin Allen
Amedeo Tronconi and 2 others use FINARKY
We created a user-friendly and robust investment tool. Our algorithm ranks companies and our experts summarize investment best practices described in academic studies to make stock investment accesible to everyone.
Manuel Lalanne
Manuel Lalanne uses The Boring Investment
8 reviews
The market can be a wild ride, but Wealthfront has the tools to keep your money on the right track. Earn 4.30% APY on your short-term cash, buy stocks with zero commissions, and diversify for the long term with automated investing.
Daniel Kelley
Erin Allen
Marat and 5 others use Wealthfront
Unraveling financial statements made simple. Our application guides non-experts through the maze of financial data, revealing what distinguishes a thriving business from an unprofitable one with clear, comparative insights.
Faysal Islam
Mr Nobody
丁亮 and 0 others use AI Financial Report Expert