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Intercom for Startups
Intercom for Startups
Advanced AI-powered features at a 90% discount
lend leaf ai
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LENDLEAFAI employs AI and blockchain to provide tailored loan options to borrowers, alongside investment openings to lenders, merging innovative tech with financial services for optimized, secure transactions.
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Charlotte Allen
Maryam Doraji
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Our mission is to enable leaders to build a culture that values employees and customers, especially in remote teams. DeTask does this by offering an infrastructure that connects on any existing solution where employees earn points and rewards, helping companies create a more supportive and understanding work environment.
Md Tangeer Mehedi
Cassio Chagas
Diego Fornalha
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Kasheesh is the first in market product that let's you split payments at checkout across multiple cards. Find additional savings in our browser extension, and let Kasheesh do the math by utilizing our Smart Split technology to keep your credit on track.
Patrick Flahive
Matthew Goldman
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A data-driven approach to cryptocurrency and transactions. Using AI, crypto users can identify fraud probability for any wallet address for free.
Yasin Bal
Ron Ka
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Crendly is a peer-to-peer lending platform that matches borrowers and lenders based on character and essential data. Borrowers can choose the interest rate they want to borrow at, and lenders can choose how much interest they want to earn.
Erin Allen
Abiola Adejare
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Tripplex is a personal finance manager for nigerians to pay bills on time in other to help improve their credit score and make it easier to get approved for loans and credit cards in the future.
Grace Ottley
Jeffry Pulido
Billy Hobson
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Autogon AI
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Autogon AI offers a no-code AI infrastructure for businesses. With Autogon AI, you can Build, deploy, scale, purchase, integrate, and visualize AI models to maximize business potential and drive growth.
Sakthi Vignesh
Gia Huy Nguyễn
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Don't fall victim to fraud, safeguard your app's financial security with our cutting-edge AI-based fraud prevention technology. You can use the service for FREE with our 15k monthly requests plan, then you can upgrade your plan to have up-to 90m requests/mo.
Ghadeer R.  Majeed
Ameer Nabeel
Nguyen Vi Khang
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The Goose Financial is a platform for migrants with no US Credit to find financial services that will service them. We aim to create a world where creditworthiness and financials are borderless.
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GIGAMATIC is a mission-control centre for your gig. It's a platform that helps gig-workers and contractors self-manage their banking, insurance, and taxes. Using AI/ML, it matches users to credit lending and insurance products. Also mortgages. It provides real-time credit score reporting and allows the user to download at anytime without penalty. It also connects with the user's 'employer' and provides documentation such as W22s/T4s/ROEs/tax slips, so the user never loses track.
Mathew Graham
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