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What is Mythia?
Mythra is a credit card for gamers. Rewards include free XBox / PS4s, free video games, coins in Apex & Fortnite, Steam credits, and more. Every swipe gets a random reward. The app is designed like a game. Promo: Spend & pay off $250 to get a free game.
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Want to find profitable NFTs early? Use Mythia's tools - from rarity sniping to whale trade tracking and more - to get an unfair advantage in the markets. Mythia also brings you intel from all the top NFT discords, in a daily 3 minute read.
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Mythia 2.0
Mythia is the world’s first debit card for gamers. Rewards include free video games, PlayStations, and XBoxes. The Mythia app is designed like a game, with weekly challenges, reward boxes, and you can team up with friends for even more rewards.
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