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29 reviews
Modeliks is a business planning and investor reporting software for startups and SMEs. It helps the user build a professional financial model, report to investors with automated dashboards and create an investor ready pitch deck or business plan.
Ivo Ivanovski
Ebru and 49 others use Modeliks
Avocado Finance
60 reviews
Avocado Finance is a beautiful personal finance app, designed for people who want to build their wealth and reach their financial goals. It comes fully-featured with financial planning, investments tracking, and all the tools a modern PFM app should have.
Manikantan S
Kiki Mam
Akash Solanki and 118 others use Avocado Finance
15 reviews
Financial management reimagined … with Blox: Streamline planning and reporting, ditch the complex spreadsheets. Trusted by finance teams, Blox integrates operational and financial data for clear visibility, empowering bold decisions and fueling rapid growth.
Michael Gammon
Simon Ritchie
Michael Gammon and 44 others use Blox
Aster Key
14 reviews
Creating a personal financial statement is essential to understanding your finances, especially when applying for a loan. Aster Key is a mobile app that generates beautiful and verified financial statements in minutes. It's ultra-secure and private.
Aster Key  Brad Blumberg
Charle Henderson
Aster Key Brad Blumberg and 19 others use Aster Key
29 reviews
Causal lets you build financial models effortlessly, connect them directly to your data, and share them with interactive dashboards and beautiful visuals. Run scenarios, compare versions, manage cash and burn, and prepare for fundraising.
Ali Abdaal
Jacqueline von Tesmar
Taimur Abdaal
Ali Abdaal and 102 others use Causal
11 reviews
A Notion-Inspired Personal Finance Dashboard
Morgan Yahney
Amy Rizzo
Ben Waterman
Morgan Yahney and 17 others use Strabo
Transform your finances with Notion Finance Tracker. Crystal-clear clarity, automated tax calculations, Jar system for allocations, subscription tracking, and more. Empower your financial journey today!
Marjan Arbab
Michael Thomas
Marjan Arbab and 20 others use Candy Leaves Notion Finance Tracker
Budget Hound
8 reviews
An indie iOS app for not just tracking — but also planning and analyzing — your budget. If you value money and want to be wise with your spending, or if you want to learn how to do budgeting, the updated Budget Hound is here to help you.
Matthew Wheeler
Alyson Edward
Brooke Stella
Matthew Wheeler and 28 others use Budget Hound
Agency Architect is the first of its kind; a complete workspace that combines everything an agency needs into one singular place in Notion.
Franklin Jimmie
Xuewu Lai
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Franklin Jimmie and 0 others use Agency Architect
7 reviews
Nudge is a quick and simple tool that will analyze your finances and help you plan to achieve financial freedom. No matter where you are in your financial journey, Nudge will guide you to effectively save and spend to reach your goals.
Debra Salt
Bill Betez
Billie Jay Villar
Debra Salt and 25 others use Nudge