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Kudos: AI-Powered Credit Card WalletOrcaJusiSellerSpriteComeUpSpiritory
The smarter, simpler way to analyze your data
Kudos is a free AI-powered wallet that revolutionizes the way you use credit cards. With Kudos, you can receive smart recommendations on which card to use at checkout to maximize your rewards, autofill your card information (including CCV) in one click, access elevated credit card offers via CardMatch™, answer all your personal finance questions with MariaGPT, and more. Join 200,000+ shoppers who trust Kudos and begin your journey to smarter spending today!
Rukhsar Amjad
Brian Yip
Tikue Anazodo
Rukhsar Amjad and 74 others use Kudos: AI-Powered Credit Card Wallet
iWand is a novel experience of being stylish. Discovering favorite clothes amongst millions of products from various brands with an AI-powered stylist, inspiring bloggers' looks, and personalized feeds has turned iWand into a magic wand that will make you more stylish.
Carol Gilbert
Mahdi Rezaei
Mahdi Lotfi
Carol Gilbert and 63 others use iWand | Discover your style magic
31 reviews
Ditch your lease, live flexibly. Orca Pass is for remote workers who don’t want a 12mo lease. For $299/yr, unlock access to our network of top-rated monthly rentals at exclusive prices — no fees, deposits, or bad hosts. + benefits that remote workers love!
Conner Ann Waterman
Kate Chasten
Nathan Cooper
Conner Ann Waterman and 118 others use Orca
17 reviews
Swift website & webapp development project launches due to AI generated Terms of Refference (TOR). Connecting customers to worldwide skilled studios or freelancers. Clear budgets and timelines pre-estimation for faster collaboration.
Михаил Останин
Kamil and 30 others use Jusi
15 reviews
SellerSprite, an All-in-one Seller software for success in Amazon, based on big data and artificial intelligence technologies, provides Amazon cross-border sellers with one-stop solutions for product research, market analysis, listing optimization, competitor comparison, and product monitoring. These functionalities assist Amazon sellers in discovering niche markets and creating best-selling products. We have 1,000,000+ SellerSprite Registers, 300,000+ users on Chrome Store.
ling yin
SellerSprite EN (Seller Sprite)
Rasheed Afolabi
ling yin and 18 others use SellerSprite
12 reviews
Faircado reinvents second-hand shopping with AI precision. Navigate the second-hand universe with tailored suggestions in a browser plugin. Marrying cost-effectiveness with planet-love, one find at a time.
Ali Nezamolmaleki
Iman Ghasrfakhri
Kshitij Mishra
Ali Nezamolmaleki and 27 others use Faircado
20 reviews
Turn your skills into services you can sell online on ComeUp. Decide what you want to sell and your rates. With a $1-only commission option, you can maximize your earnings. Looking for services? Find the service you need on ComeUp.
Christine Campbell
Hugo Sonet
Ghost Kitty
Christine Campbell and 85 others use ComeUp
10 reviews
Spiritory is the first trading-platform for the world's most-sought after Whiskies and Wine, allowing users to trade, invest and collect with ease.
Janis Wilczura
Oliver Stahl
Janis Wilczura and 16 others use Spiritory
11 reviews
Etsy is an e-commerce website focused on handmade or vintage items and craft supplies.
Stanislas • BASQUIN
Taylan Kaymakcı
Mohamed Ismail
Stanislas • BASQUIN and 118 others use Etsy
9 reviews
Tileswale serves as a comprehensive destination for buyers and sellers in various categories, including Ceramic Tiles, Sanitaryware, Bathware, and Kitchen products. More than 10,000 certified suppliers and more than 3,00,000 confirmed buyers are currently registered on Tileswale. Tileswale has successfully met the demands of more than 65,000 buyers, amounting to a significant lead value of 421 CR. Tileswale's success lies in its global presence, with clients spanning 62+ countries.
Kishan G Gajera
Sejal Gokani
Ronak Teraiya
Kishan G Gajera and 20 others use Tileswale