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Chestr 🛍Water Out Of SpeakerSpiritoryDymaxion
Intercom for Startups
Intercom for Startups
Advanced AI-powered features at a 90% discount
Chestr 🛍
35 reviews
A simple, free Chrome extension that lets you save products from any online store in a single click. Plus, it notifies you anytime there's a price decrease on your saved items! Think of Chestr as a mix between Pinterest + Honey. 😊 🛍
Kevin Liu
Lauren Huttner
James Wellemeyer
Kevin Liu and 55 others use Chestr 🛍
iWand is a novel experience of being stylish. Discovering favorite clothes amongst millions of products from various brands with an AI-powered stylist, inspiring bloggers' looks, and personalized feeds has turned iWand into a magic wand that will make you more stylish.
Carol Gilbert
Mahdi Rezaei
Mahdi Lotfi
Carol Gilbert and 64 others use iWand | Discover your style magic
Easily get water out of your phone's speakers without a technician! It works by playing a special tone that generates sound waves at a frequency that causes the water to be ejected from your smart phone's speakers.
Albite Zurita
Raya Sen
Rituja Sen
Albite Zurita and 132 others use Water Out Of Speaker
17 reviews
Styletyx is a shopping assistant based on AI & ML which makes the process of online apparel shopping smart and simple. We collect discounted products that can be delivered to you from all over the world, choosing the best ones according to all your preferences
Anton Sokolovskiy
Sergey Aikhel
Anton Sokolovskiy and 60 others use Styletyx
12 reviews
Faircado reinvents second-hand shopping with AI precision. Navigate the second-hand universe with tailored suggestions in a browser plugin. Marrying cost-effectiveness with planet-love, one find at a time.
Ali Nezamolmaleki
Iman Ghasrfakhri
Kshitij Mishra
Ali Nezamolmaleki and 30 others use Faircado
10 reviews
Spiritory is the first trading-platform for the world's most-sought after Whiskies and Wine, allowing users to trade, invest and collect with ease.
Janis Wilczura
Oliver Stahl
Janis Wilczura and 16 others use Spiritory
10 reviews
radd. is an eCommerce Intelligence platform for boosting user generated content via LIVE & data driven Story-Like Videos.
tair kowalsky
Irene Chan
Shady Sedek
tair kowalsky and 7 others use radd.
9 reviews
Home design made easy! Dymaxion crafts personalized designs in just 15 minutes, understanding your unique lifestyle and needs. Transition from concept to purchase with direct shopping links and save big with our FREE service for the first 3 months.
Mathew Simpson
Amanda Greer
Mathew Simpson and 23 others use Dymaxion
9 reviews
Trice is a social commerce platform for large gated communities. It enables to connect with the local & hyper vendors to transact. Major services that this platform offers are: Food (Homemade / Restaurants, Groceries, Buddy services, Gamification).
Surendra Ganne
Matthew Vinsonhaler
Ghost Kitty
Surendra Ganne and 17 others use Trice
Shop by Shopify
20 reviews
SHOP is an iOS and Android online shopping assistant app designed to help you track, pay, and shop better.
Siavash Ghorbani
Farwa K
Sarah Arnold
Siavash Ghorbani and 192 others use Shop by Shopify