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5 reviews
Oozu uses the power of AI to provide personalized, community-backed, and expert-validated parenting recommendations.
Memduh Dursun
Mehmet Efe Akça
Douglas Hunt and 7 others use Oozu
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Your favorite organization tools (calendars, shopping lists, tasks, meal plans, notes) in one family superapp that brings harmony to your home 🧘🏼😌
Maks |
Tina Sarkar
Jay Jomes
Maks | and 10 others use Rejoy✌️
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Cybird DNS provides comprehensive cybersecurity for individuals, families, and businesses. Individuals, enjoy secure browsing and privacy protection across all devices. Families benefit from child-safe content and insight into online habits. Businesses get continuity with minimal distractions and network monitoring. Enjoy a hassle-free, one-time setup for seamless security. There's no need for app installations or updates, ensuring a fast, modern, cloud-based security experience.
Mangesh Bhamre
Bill Cale
Ahmed Mohamed
Mangesh Bhamre and 24 others use Cybird
Matchmaking for Men and Women Ready to Have Kids. Bring Your Baby to Life. Empowering you to have a baby, start a family, and leave your legacy.
Cathy Yee
Jason Neubauer
Chad G
Cathy Yee uses Procreate Match
3 reviews
Dyva is a surprising gift service that crafts original and visually appealing wraps for online gifts and impresses with a unique greeting format 🎁 🎉 Together, let’s transform ordinary moments into extraordinary emotions. Stay tuned for more updates on our exciting launch 🚀
Arty Linchevskiy
Tsopych Andrew
LMS Monks
Arty Linchevskiy and 3 others use Dyva
2 reviews
Wishmerge is a website where people can make wishlists of things they'd personally like to have, and then their friends and family can donate money to help make those wishes come true.
Atta Khalighi Sigaroudi
ahmed Joseph
Cornor Fraser
Atta Khalighi Sigaroudi and 4 others use WishMerge
Develop vital safety skills within your family. Practice scenarios guided by an AI safety coach, trained on trusted global data from entities like Red Cross and UNISEFF. Enjoy peace of mind, and be prepared.
Business Marketing with Nika
Mayank K Sahu
Business Marketing with Nika uses UpSkill Safety Coach for Kids
2 reviews
Safes - the ultimate Parental Control app that empowers you to keep your kids 👶 safe and secure online. With an arsenal of powerful features at your fingertips, Safes gives you complete control over your child's digital activities. Safes is your all-in-one solution for digital parenting. Our app includes live location tracking 📍, geofencing 🌍, screen time management ⏰, web and app filtering 🔍, and detailed activity reports 📈.
Ghost Kitty
Darya Jahangiri
Ghost Kitty and 7 others use Safes
ScamNet is an anti-scam app that lets you know when things are “scammy” and stops them before it reaches you. It's engineered to shield you from scams proactively in addition to enabling you to check for scams manually. Don't wait until it's too late;
Mohan Saravanan
Mohan Saravanan uses ScamNet: Anti-Scam App
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Dinnerfy is an AI app for automated meal planning & grocery shopping. Add dietary preferences for weekly menus & recipe suggestions by experts. It compiles a grocery list for easy delivery orders, learning your tastes over time for hassle-free cooking.
Aman Sharma
Adam Rubenstein
Chuck Whiteman
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