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Token TalentExpert RemoteQuickly HireRemotiveHimalayasWrkaholicComeUp
These platforms host a wide range of job listings across various industries, allowing job seekers to explore and apply for positions that match their skills and interests.
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Token Talent
26 reviews
Token Talent: A Web 3.0-driven HR platform seamlessly streamlining processes for mid-sized companies. Elevate efficiency and empower your workforce.
Frances Reyes
Zubair Ayaz Asim
Ammad Majeed
Frances Reyes and 42 others use Token Talent
Expert Remote
35 reviews
Expert Remote is a vetted developer marketplace. Companies can use our platform to hire top-level Developers, AI/ML Engineers, Data Scientists, UI/UX designers, Product Managers, etc. The best Developers can find long-term remote jobs with a payment guarantee.
Artyom Trofimuk
Molly Lombardo
Zinia Sen
Artyom Trofimuk and 80 others use Expert Remote
Quickly Hire
20 reviews
Quickly Hire is the fastest way to add highly-vetted freelancers or full-time talent to your team. We take on the heavy lifting, ensuring the best match, whether you need contractors, contract-to-hire talent, or direct hires. Our process makes talent acquisition efficient and effective.
Andor Nagy
Samarth. R.S
Lucas Hicks
Andor Nagy and 24 others use Quickly Hire
84 reviews
Sajbati Sona
JEssica Medeiros
Alfonso Graham
Sajbati Sona and 55 others use Remotive
14 reviews
Himalayas helps you find a remote job you'll love. Search 10,000+ open roles at 3,000+ remote companies. Filter by time zone, visa, skills, company, salary, tech stack, and more, or read our company profiles to research and discover new remote companies.
Abi Tyas Tunggal
Johan Steneros
Arnau Ros
Abi Tyas Tunggal and 34 others use Himalayas
11 reviews
Whether you need full-time contractors, project-based developers, or dedicated teams, we've got you covered. Our commitment: 3 interview-ready candidates in 48 hours, with 99% matching accuracy & 12+ months retention. Choose from 10k vetted profiles.
Ülgen Sarıkavak
Sergiu Soltan
Victoria Morozov
Ülgen Sarıkavak and 30 others use
11 reviews
Wrkaholic autonomously job-hunts with near 0 user input, leveraging unique techniques to enhance interview odds and reduce application anxiety, ensuring users get only their interview invites, (and no spam or negativity).
Bethany Ren
Megha Kumari
jose production
Bethany Ren and 24 others use Wrkaholic
20 reviews
Turn your skills into services you can sell online on ComeUp. Decide what you want to sell and your rates. With a $1-only commission option, you can maximize your earnings. Looking for services? Find the service you need on ComeUp.
Christine Campbell
Hugo Sonet
Ghost Kitty
Christine Campbell and 87 others use ComeUp
9 reviews
CoGig is a SaaS platform for freelancers who want to collaborate with other freelancers on a project. It gives clients the ability to hire the best freelance teams. It equips freelancers and clients with tools that help them manage their end-to-end workflow.
Amit Anand
Anuj Kumar
CoGig and 22 others use CoGig
7 reviews
There might not be "I" in teams, but there is AI. CodeMonk is an AI platform where you can match your product roadmap with your hiring needs. Find members to your dream product team in a matter of days, with easy onboarding wherever they are based. For Developers, Product Managers, Data Scientists, Designers and Testers; Register on the platform to find your next opportunity or gig!
Maulik Sailor
Mohamed Mostafa
Niky Goms
Maulik Sailor and 50 others use CodeMonk