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The best daos in 2024

Tried, tested, and reviewed by the community

AnytypeHomerunSpiffWorkflowxAuditsEpics DAOWorks
Sigma - See the Next Generation of Analytics
AI, Data Apps, Python - Attend the launch!
242 reviews
Meet Anytype, a private hub for all your data: docs, tasks, files, bookmarks, contacts and more. It’s built on a new architecture that protects your privacy and data sovereignty, even when working across devices. Use it to create elegant dashboards, documents, and knowledge graphs. Available on Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android. Anytype is proudly: 🔐 E2E encrypted 💻 Local-first 👯‍♀️ P2P synced ✈️ Offline-first 💎 Open source 💖 No-code
Rob Williger
Alexander Lange
Erman Taylan
Rob Williger and 695 others use Anytype
12 reviews
Streamline operations and foster collaboration with our all-in-one community management tool. Manage discussions, proposals, bounties, payouts, rewards & reputation. Essential for creators, gamers, dApps, & Web3/Web2 communities
Ira Nicholls
mahadeep Ray
Ira Nicholls and 23 others use DaoLens
10 reviews
Diverse your investment portfolios with our DAO and smart contract solutions. Homerun is designed with proven venture investing solution, adding simplicity and productivity with club setups, investment dashboards, verification and compliance processes.
Chandan Kumar
Lee Kwang
Onwe Chidiebere
Chandan Kumar and 40 others use Homerun
9 reviews
SpiffWorkflow allows Citizen Developers to automate, monitor and improve a set of complex tasks and business decisions. It uniquely combines BPMN, a widely adopted and researched notation, with Python a popular and easy to learn programming language.
Harmeet Singh
Marius Diaconu
Aimen and 31 others use SpiffWorkflow
3 reviews
The team of experts here at xAudits can help you review your smart contracts for security vulnerabilities and potential exploits. We will work with you to ensure that your smart contracts are safe and compliant with all applicable laws and regulations.
Crypto Nizar
Munteanu Eddie
Kiraly Alina Simona_Sense4fit#ultiverse⚡
Crypto Nizar and 0 others use xAudits
Epics DAO
3 reviews
Buidl To Earn. Epics is a blockchain game (BCG) for social contribution. We leverage gamification and token economics to realize a sustainable environment for open-source software development. Epics platform integrates development, funding, and PR to bolster open-source software, offering token rewards and NFT Card games for diverse contributions, fostering a collaborative and sustainable ecosystem.
Phelisters and 5 others use Epics DAO
For your DAO to do business with the real world, it will need a legal structure. The DAO Legal Wrapper from Legal Nodes helps founders figure out the legal requirements for their project, including which countries are most suitable for their legal structure.
Pavel Gertsberg
Cronin Miller litigation
Pavel Gertsberg uses DAO Legal Wrapper
6 reviews
Works is an AI-driven Web3 work platform and talent network that enables companies to connect and hire the world's best software developers and designers remotely and on demand.
Owen Chan
Ethan Collins
Claire and 7 others use Works
20 reviews
Questflow is the collaborative AI automation workspace for automating tasks across platforms. It allows you to form human-AI worker groups, automate tasks cross-platforms, and collaborate with teams, all in a multiplayer text-to-workflow platform.
Alex Malenchi
Andy Wang
Parul Aditya and 74 others use Questflow
Talent Protocol is building the resume for the onchain era of the internet. The protocol works with trusted data sources like GitHub, Farcaster or LinkedIn to unlock unique reputation data and bring it onchain as verifiable and interoperable credentials.
João Gomes
Mário Ribeiro Alves
Juan Pablo Hernandez
João Gomes and 36 others use Talent Protocol