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Clear your mind, stay organized, and be productive by simply writing *things* down. Twos is more than a notes app, *things* allow you to capture notes, todos, reminders, calendar events & lists, in one simple place. Be a better you by writing *things* down in Twos ✌️
Tracy Ingram
Andrew Brodsky
Hamza Afzal Butt and 539 others use Twos
Podwise AI
48 reviews
Unleash the power of podcasts with Podwise. It transcribes, extracts insights and summarizes dense episodes across tech, history, fitness. Seamlessly integrated with Notion, Readwise & more to weave podcast knowledge into your second brain.
Salar Davari
Phil Mishanin
Salar Davari and 78 others use Podwise AI
33 reviews
Rosebud is an AI journal designed for personal growth. It's like a mentor in your pocket. Over 3 million words journaled. Bloom with Rosebud
Andrew Jiang
Caroline Schmidt
Chris Smith
Andrew Jiang and 98 others use Rosebud
85 reviews
Reflect is a note-taking tool designed to mirror the way your brain works. We're simple, speedy, secure, and, dare we say it, quite pleasing on the eye.
Anand Sharma
Cristina Bunea
Phil Freo
Anand Sharma and 165 others use Reflect
28 reviews
Make your life easier with AI voice notes! Just speak, and let the AI transcribe, clean up and structure your voice. Create clean transcripts, summaries, emails, video scripts and many more. And it works in 50+ languages! Try it for free today!
Tiffany Ling
Nico and 34 others use Talknotes
31 reviews
Always come prepared. Never forget a conversation. Bloks is your personal sidekick that maximizes every interaction.
Marc Gingras
Rian Robertson
Farayi Chambati
Marc Gingras and 65 others use Bloks
500 reviews
Obsidian is the private and flexible note‑taking app that adapts to the way you think. Obsidian stores notes on your device, so you can access them quickly, even offline. No one else can read them, not even us. With hundreds of plugins and themes, you can shape Obsidian to fit your way of thinking. Obsidian uses open, non-proprietary files, so you're never locked in, and can preserve your data for the long term.
Cassidy Williams
Stephan Ango
Veit Josef Schneider
Cassidy Williams and 1376 others use Obsidian
243 reviews
Meet Anytype, a private hub for all your data: docs, tasks, files, bookmarks, contacts and more. It’s built on a new architecture that protects your privacy and data sovereignty, even when working across devices. Use it to create elegant dashboards, documents, and knowledge graphs. Available on Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android. Anytype is proudly: 🔐 E2E encrypted 💻 Local-first 👯‍♀️ P2P synced ✈️ Offline-first 💎 Open source 💖 No-code
Rob Williger
Alexander Lange
Erman Taylan
Rob Williger and 700 others use Anytype
Stashpad Lists
23 reviews
Stashpad is an uncomplicated note-taking app for collaborative work. Stashpad helps developers stay in flow and easily capture notes, ideas, or thoughts as they switch between tasks. It promotes team alignment and real-time collaboration, giving development teams clarity on next steps and freeing their minds to get more done.
Brian Douglas
Garrett McCurrach
Moritz Plassnig
Brian Douglas and 33 others use Stashpad Lists
PostNitro saves hours of manual design and copywriting work through AI automation. Marketers, agencies, small business owners, creators, and more can quickly produce high-converting carousel content that captivates audiences across all social platforms.
Darya Antonyuk
Ogulcan Yorulmaz
Venkatesh Balasubramanian
Darya Antonyuk and 42 others use PostNitro - AI Carousel Post Generator