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A grab bag of useful resources for designers.
Passkeys by Pangea
Authenticate Smarter, Not Harder
23 reviews
Your ultimate design research tool, get instant access to over 50,000 design references across web and iOS
Darshan Gajara
Darshan Gajara and 69 others use Refero
PostNitro saves hours of manual design and copywriting work through AI automation. Marketers, agencies, small business owners, creators, and more can quickly produce high-converting carousel content that captivates audiences across all social platforms.
Darya Antonyuk
Ogulcan Yorulmaz
Venkatesh Balasubramanian
Darya Antonyuk and 38 others use PostNitro - AI Carousel Post Generator
15 reviews
Doodlicons is a premium pack of 700+ hand-drawn vector doodles and scribbles, happily crafted to level up your projects. Whether you’re making a presentation, designing a site or creating educational material, it will be your perfect companion.
Elena Tsemirava
Ramy Wafaa
Elena Tsemirava and 55 others use Doodlicons
120 reviews
Checklist Design is a collection of best UI and UX practices to provide a complete, honest and rewarding experience for your users. Take in the knowledge of not just what to put in your solution, but how and why it should be there.
Patrick Ludewig
Manikandan and 128 others use Checklist Design
19 reviews
Pactto is a mobile-first and private-first communication tool for creative pros easily to exchange feedback with precision, nuance, and fidelity. Give feedback on any video, image, audio, or screen recording. Use our palette of pro markup tools, compare multiple assets, save on-device for confidential WIP, and even work 100% offline. Great for video, content, and design professionals who cringe at the thought of long commenting threads and meetings just to clarify feedback.
Demian Borba
Melissa Carter
Ivo Machado
Demian Borba and 51 others use Pactto
Mermaid Chart
12 reviews
Mermaid Chart is a platform for collaborative text-based diagramming, powered by the Mermaid open-source project (61k GitHub Stars). It streamlines code documentation, enhances team workflows, and generates visualizations of complex ideas using AI.
alexander knorr
Nathan Windsor
Jakub Mikuláš
alexander knorr and 36 others use Mermaid Chart
Beyond Identity
12 reviews
Cloud-native authentication platform that helps developers ship universal passkey support quickly, offload security, and driver higher user conversions.
Nelson Melo
Genevieve Lopez
Gianna Lopez
Nelson Melo and 30 others use Beyond Identity
114 reviews
Beautiful color palettes for your projects. Coolors is the most trusted service for creating and collecting color palettes used by 1M+ users worldwide.
Ayesha Awan
Ed Blankenship
Karsten Richter
Ayesha Awan and 246 others use Coolors
Transform your design skills with ProApp. Dive into 80+ Bite-Sized courses, like UI/UX, graphic design, Web3, Design in AR/VR, AI in design, and more. Learn theory, tackle practical tasks, and gain insights from industry experts. Our unique Pro-Mentor AI is accessible 24/7, helping you anytime. Live workshops, certificates, and real-world challenges boost your portfolio. With ProApp, superior design education is now affordable and accessible, powered by AI. Jumpstart your design career today!
Rashika Ahuja
Kunal Mehta
Oleksandr Bulavin
Rashika Ahuja and 96 others use ProApp - Learn Design
Let's Say Goodbye to: - 😴 Your amazing Notion templates being treated like hidden treasures. - 🤯 Losing sleep over deciphering complex design tools. - 😩 Feeling like your launch was more fizzle than sizzle. And Hello to: - 😎 Showcasing your templates like they're walking the red carpet. - 🚀 Sales that are blasting off like there's no gravity. - 🥂 The sweet taste of fame and success. No more pounding headaches, just effortless, drag-and-drop Canva magic.
Larry Hartman
Sara Ramzi
Daisy Watson
Larry Hartman and 68 others use Canva Mockup Templates