The best interface design tools in 2024

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These tools are essential for designers, developers, and product teams to streamline the process of designing, prototyping, and iterating on interfaces for websites, mobile applications, software applications, and other digital platforms.
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Most Loved Products
39 reviews
Generate apps with AI and edit them in a no-code drag-and-drop interface. Quickly launch your own AI apps with modern responsive layouts, trigger advanced actions, sync with automation platforms via webhooks and create your own library of reusable blocks.
Christophe HK
Patrick Kelly
Ankit S J B Rana
Christophe HK and 56 others use Frontly
52 reviews
Create with the power of code, using English. Create is an AI app builder that turns quickly turns English into sites, prototypes, components, and AI tools - exactly how you want. Just describe how you want it to look and work, and bring it to life in an instant.
Dhruv Amin
Juan Sebastián Romero
L Gerardo Telleria O
Dhruv Amin and 138 others use Create
79 reviews
Create and export Lottie animations to your websites and apps easily! - Import SVGs, Lotties, from Figma or create from scratch - Animate with a simple but powerful timeline - Export as Lottie, Gif or MP4 to any platform - Collaborate with your team
Des Traynor
Declan Kelly
Alex Chepovoi
Des Traynor and 301 others use Lottielab
72 reviews
Use the full power of CSS with an advanced visual builder, connect your frontend to any backend, and avoid hosting lock-in. ✅ Open Source ✅ All CSS properties ✅ Dynamic at the speed of static 👉 Start Building
Oleg Isonen
Raymmar Tirado
Charles Njoku
Oleg Isonen and 233 others use Webstudio
933 reviews
A user-friendly online graphic design platform with templates, stock photos, graphics, and fonts.
Julie Chabin
Sharath Kuruganty
Julie Chabin and 38714 others use Canva
856 reviews
A collaborative design tool for creating user interfaces, mobile apps, and websites with a wide range of features, including vector editing tools, prototyping, and version control, all in a cloud-based platform.
Julie Chabin
Abdal Yousef
Shishir Mehrotra
Julie Chabin and 27105 others use Figma
150 reviews
A web design tool for the intelligence age. STUDIO AI can understand what you are designing, learn from your feedback to take your designs further, and turn them instantly into live websites. This is web design, redesigned.
Shinji Asada
Joe Ishii
Jack Park
Shinji Asada and 172 others use STUDIO
476 reviews
A no-code platform to create responsive webpages with text, links, media, and incredible animations.
Julie Chabin
Rob Hope ⚡️Yo!
Julie Chabin and 1585 others use Framer
Hi, I'm Wegic! I can help you create and modify websites through simple conversations. No need to worry if you're not a tech whiz. I can understand your rough needs and bring your ideas to life! Feel free to chat with me in your preferred language, and I can create websites in different languages as well.
Ramy Wafaa
Ramy Wafaa and 128 others use Wegic: First AI Web Designer & Developer
142 reviews
A text-to-website tool that generates landing pages with natural language, using a powerful no-code editor.
Ming Yin
Akriti (AK)
Faye Zheng
Ming Yin and 840 others use Dora AI