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Intercom for Startups
Intercom for Startups
Advanced AI-powered features at a 90% discount
22 reviews
Elevate your group travel experiences with Frienzy, the group travel platform that turns your journeys into unforgettable adventures. Seamlessly plan itineraries, capture photos and videos, and stay connected in real time.
udhay yadav
Lisa Stanley
udhay yadav and 70 others use Frienzy
6 reviews
Macula is a command center for managing all your multimedia content without compromising on ownership and attribution. Securely store, share across the internet, monitor usage & analyze performance.
Elena Tairova
Alex Shapoval
Elena Von Tsss
Elena Tairova and 7 others use Macula
SNPIT is a blockchain based NFT Game-Fi where you can use camera NFTs to take photos and participate in battles with your photos to earn rewards.
Aden Will
udhay yadav
Aden Will and 34 others use SNPIT - Snap to Earn
5 reviews
The perfect shot, right at your fingertips! Instantly capture high quality videos and photos using beautiful aesthetic presets. ShadowLens is so fast, you'll never miss a moment again!
Elsayed Ali
Георгий Хромченко
Marc and 8 others use ShadowLens
KAYA is your climbing guide. Climbers use KAYA to discover climbs, share beta, log sends, and track progress. Download and join the most psyched community in climbing.
David Gurman
Elsayed Ali
Bryan Boyko
David Gurman and 13 others use Kaya -- the climber's app
19 reviews
Your photography is the point. Glass is a new photo sharing app and community for photographers. We’re private and subscription-based — which means no ads, data tracking, public counts, or engagement algorithms.
Rick Turoczy
Jamie McCue
Iain Hecker
Rick Turoczy and 14 others use Glass
4 reviews
Super quick and easy web tool to make screenshots less boring and give them a cooler touch. Crafted especially for indie hackers and entrepreneurs seeking stunning visuals to narrate their journey. No registration required, no installs.
Daniel Peris
Marc Taulé
Alpha Mgmt
Daniel Peris and 11 others use Supasnap
7 reviews
Enhances your storytelling through animated screenshot, add gradient background, images or video. Whether for presentation, social media posts, or engaging content creation, VibrantSnap provides the tools to make your visuals stand out and immersive.
Ulrich Moutcheu
LTPhen von Ulife
YiorkD and 4 others use Vibrantsnap is the First Web3 Peer-to-Peer Creator Economy. Helping creators live stream and keep 100% of their earnings, benefit together, and always control the funds!🎉 Traditional sites like Twitch/OnlyFans/Facebook take 20-50% or more of creators' earnings. Log in with Twitter, Discord, or Telegram, and let us know what you think!🕺
Lisa Stanley
Rose Linda
Layla and 28 others use Keep 100% and control funds!🎉
Introducing Layer 2 Summer, your comprehensive hub for all things related to Layer 2 blockchains. From websites and social media links to network details and tokens, L2 Summer is your ultimate destination for easy and convenient access to the L2 world!
Erickson Hoodman
Mahmut kılıç
藍色彈塗魚.bnb and 1 others use Layer 2 Summer