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Sigma - See the Next Generation of Analytics
AI, Data Apps, Python - Attend the launch! is the easiest way to connect with the community, look clever, funny, professional on social media, appear smarter and grow your audience with 10x less effort: – Custom reactions – Icebreakers for tweets – Creating viral jokes
Daniel Kelley
Ilya Berdysh
Vlad Kooklev
Daniel Kelley and 90 others use AI-driven replies generator for Twitter & LinkedIn
13 reviews
Hivoe solves the problem of kickstarting conversations with your Twitter followers via DMs. Why? - make friends that will support you - find out what content your audience enjoys - ask for feedback on your products - and a lot more!
Mattia Righetti
Arrigo Lupori
Kazi Rabbany
Mattia Righetti and 7 others use Hivoe
55 reviews
Create beautiful images for Twitter, Instagram, Dribbble, LinkedIn, and boost your social media views & engagement in seconds. BrandBird allows you to brand your accounts uniquely by creating templates, adding your brand colors, and your personal watermark!
Wilson Wilson
Maya A
Elsie Alkurabi | Micro
Wilson Wilson and 16 others use BrandBird
72 reviews
Capture and share Twitter posts as beautiful images. makes sharing Twitter posts on other platforms more visual and attention-grabbing.
David Hoang
Jay shankarpure
David Hoang and 61 others use
136 reviews
Show a progress bar on your Twitter profile picture. Track your progress, make yourself accountable, or just have some fun! Show progress to: - The next 10, 100, 1k, 10k followers - An exact followers goal - A custom milestone using your bio!
Sandy Hubbard
Bhavani Ravi
Maxwell Davis and 60 others use Black Magic
You get one task per day in your inbox. We tell you exactly what to do. You only have to fill in the blanks and tweet it. It takes less than 1 minute to get a tweet out. Join thousands of others in the program and see your audience grow faster.
Yannick Veys
Sarah Cornwell
Stanislas • BASQUIN
Yannick Veys and 18 others use Hypefury Daily
101 reviews
Spend less time on twitter, create more value, and grow your audience. Hypefury is the only tool you'll ever need to master your Twitter game.
Adham Dannaway
Julio Medina
Niharikaa Kaur Sodhi
Adham Dannaway and 52 others use Hypefury
70 reviews
Write, schedule & publish great threads, without distractions — and boost your Twitter growth with powerful analytics.
Matt Navarra
Francesco D'Alessio
flo merian
Matt Navarra and 115 others use Typefully
Minimal Twitter
15 reviews
A huge update to the popular extension to remove distractions from Twitter and customize. Now with many new settings, Typefully integration, and finally available for Safari too. Join 30,000+ users and improve your Twitter experience.
Michael Riddering
Michael Andreuzza
Michael Riddering and 30 others use Minimal Twitter
6 reviews
Hivemark helps you identify notable profiles on Twitter and know who you interact with. It can help you: - Discover like-minded users - Identify fake/parody accounts - Improve your DM experience
Rishi Mohan
Yeshwanth Reddy K
Charlie Kor
Rishi Mohan and 7 others use Hivemark