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Figma TemplatesFigma Template for Notion CreatorsFigarcPaywall ScreensEditable Figma templates for IGE-commerce Template for FigmaEbook Kit for Figma
Figma templates are pre-designed files that you can use as a starting point for your design projects in Figma. These templates come with pre-built layouts, elements, and styles, helping you jumpstart your design process and save time.
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The FIGMA TEMPLATES is a website to get free design assets for designers. Get high-quality design files and file formats as a starting point in creating your new designs. Download various types of design assets on Figma file that is easy to use, edit and manipulate in your personal projects.
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This Figma template will help you create your visuals for Notion marketplaces in less than 10 minutes. It include 4 differents layouts and all the markeplaces requirements you need.
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A design system in Figma, but for floor plans. Drag furniture pieces as components, adjust furniture details as overrides, and change themes with variables modes. Why learn Autocad or Archicad when you can play an architect in your favorite software?
A companion to Social Media Framework, create social media posts without the need of a template. With this plugin you will be able to get the brand specifications for the brands you want, whenever you want. Get creating!
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Everything you need to design the perfect iOS paywall screen. Get inspired by browsing a categorized collection of the best paywall screens in other apps. Design your own screen using the Figma template that includes dozens of examples and components.
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Customize graphics according to your preferences. You can save a lot of time with ready-made designs. Get access to life-long versions. Created by a professional social media manager and experienced content creator.
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Empower your business with our ultimate e-commerce solution! Design your next online store in Figma in minutes with responsive screens and components included. Created with Ant Design System for Figma and Figma Tokens plugin.
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Easily construct your ideal ebook with our toolkit of 60+ expertly crafted components. User-friendly and adaptable for a seamless, engaging reading experience. Turn your creative concepts into captivating ebooks swiftly and effortlessly.
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Phigma is a collection of 100+ Product Hunt templates for Figma. ✌️ Easy-to-use 🧩 Customize all colors, screenshots, & logo in a few clicks 🚀 Inspired by the best Product Hunt launches ⏰ Saves you 100s of hours on research & design Not affiliated with PH
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Want to create better design deliverables for your clients? Keep your company aligned & on-brand with this style guide template. It includes slides that support you in outlining logo guidelines, type, color palettes, mockups, construction grids & much more
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