The best figma plugins in 2024

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JitterDhiWiseNoise & Texture for
Figma plugins are like superpowers for your design workflow. They are small add-ons that extend the functionality of the Figma design tool and help you work more efficiently and creatively.
Multilingual Speech AI model trained on 12.5M hours of data
145 reviews
Jitter is like Figma for motion design: it makes it easy to create animations for your videos, websites or apps, all in the browser.
Darshan Gajara
Mathieu Boulet
Simon Dawlat
Darshan Gajara and 274 others use Jitter
168 reviews helps builders launch 10x faster by converting designs into production-ready code for web and mobile. We offer 2 options in Free Beta. Locofy Lightning - 1 click design to code, powered by Large Design Models, available for Figma to web, and Locofy Classic - step by step heuristics conversion available for Figma and Adobe XD to web and mobile apps. Use either and sync code to GitHub or pull into VS code.
Joris Delanoue
Alex Circei
Joris Delanoue and 498 others use
21 reviews
Codejet helps builders code 50% faster by converting designs to production ready code. Create a project in Figma, and Codejet will convert it into clean and open TypeScript code (along with RWD and end-to-end testing).
Sebastian Janus - derStartupCFO
Luis Rieke
Marcin Pastuszek
Sebastian Janus - derStartupCFO and 62 others use Codejet
140 reviews
DhiWise is a DevTool focused on programming automation. It generates component-driven code with state management. Build basic to advanced apps with no-vendor lock-in. 1000+ pre-built screens to quick-start your app development. FREE FOREVER FOR THE COMMUNITY!
Arjun Kava
Rakesh Purohit
Rajan Surani
Arjun Kava and 50 others use DhiWise
UIHUT has a new plugin available on Figma, the popular design tool. Using Figma plugin users can copy any design on the clipboard and paste it into their Figma file. Cheers and save 10x time
Shekh Al Raihan
Tajul Islam
Shahjahan Jewel
Shekh Al Raihan and 70 others use UIHUT - Figma Plugin
23 reviews is a website builder that allows you to create and publish websites without coding. The platform operates by designing directly in the browser, freehand. also offers a Figma plugin, which enables you to convert Figma designs into live websites without any coding skills. Furthermore, you can even insert HTML directly into the editor. Figma to website plugin ->
Andrian Valeanu
Sergey Shmidt
Edvard Khondkaryan
Andrian Valeanu and 139 others use Siter
A Figma plugin to dynamically generate seamless tiled noise, textures, patterns, gradients, and more. Select a layer and add your noise or texture. Change the settings and see your layers updated live. Future vision/roadmap: • Browse community created textures • Animated textures and patterns
Soren Iverson
vijay verma
Christopher Skillicorn
Soren Iverson and 58 others use Noise & Texture for Figma
43 reviews
Convert any website into fully editable Figma designs. Leverage an existing website and import its html to start your own designs, without building each element from scratch.
Julie Chabin
Alexandre Mouriec
Shanaws Mahamud
Julie Chabin and 100 others use
Stay organised and collaborate with your team more efficiently with the new features in ExportComments
Rajiv Kaul
Yogesh Tiwari
Shivam Chauhan
Rajiv Kaul and 5 others use Export Comments
Tetrisly Design System is a carefully crafted UI library with design tokens in its DNA, coming along with the free Figma plugin to manage them. A react library is coming soon to create the all-in-one product design ecosystem and to let design teams ship faster.
Greg Dlubacz
Adrian Potępa
Orry Barbosa
Greg Dlubacz and 14 others use Tetrisly Design System