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What is Locofy.ai?
Locofy.ai helps builders launch 10x faster by converting designs into production-ready code for web and mobile. We offer 2 options in Free Beta. Locofy Lightning - 1 click design to code, powered by Large Design Models, available for Figma to web, and Locofy Classic - step by step heuristics conversion available for Figma and Adobe XD to web and mobile apps. Use either and sync code to GitHub or pull into VS code.
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Recent launches

Locofy Lightning
Locofy Lightning converts Figma designs to frontend code in 1-click, powered by LocoAI's Large Design Models (LDMs). Get responsive, interactive designs & reusable code components with better class names. Then easily sync code to GitHub, or pull into VS Code.
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Locofy.ai helps builders launch 3-4x faster by converting designs to production ready code. Try Figma to React, React Native, HTML-CSS, Next.js, Gatsby in FREE BETA!

Tag responsive designs, make components, get a live-prototype & export code or direct deploy!
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