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If you've ever given a presentation, you know that it can be a real challenge to keep your audience engaged and interested. Presentation software can help anyone looking to create a professional and engaging presentation. With a range of design templates and customization options
Sigma - See the Next Generation of Analytics
AI, Data Apps, Python - Attend the launch!
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Slideoo is a productivity SaaS tool that allows users to create presentations from text, PDFs, websites, and YouTube URLs in 1 - 2 minutes with real-time collaboration, giving analytics about shared presentations, saving hundreds of hours and increasing productivity.
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Elevate your pitch with your AI pitch deck coach The #1 pitch deck coach used by 3195 founders in beta.
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Virtual Sapiens uses AI to uncover nonverbal, vocal and verbal blindspots. On video, it's not just about what you say...but how you say it. With our science-backed AI, you get a private communication coach, helping you nail any video event that matters.
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Snapy boosts content creation with AI Shorts Generation for YouTube, Reels, and TikTok; Video Silence Removal that halves editing time; and an Audio Trimmer for sharp podcast cuts. Results? Faster videos, better user experience, and consistent content output.
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Gamma is an alternative to slide decks - a fast, simple way to share and present your work. Create engaging presentations, memos, briefs, and docs that are easy to discuss live or share async. All in your browser, nothing to download or install.
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Afore Capital
Matt Auerbach
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Slidebean is a platform for startup founders to get investor-ready. You can use our pitch deck and investor suite, or work with our team to prepare your data room.
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Interactive, no-code demo builder & powerful analytics for high-performance GTM teams.
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Tired of chaotic emails, scattered information, & messy attachments? Customers feel it too. Cut through the clutter with Deallab - a central hub for seamless communication. Wow customers, save time, and win more with DealLab! 🚀
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Turbocharge your productivity with Wonderslide — an advanced AI-powered service made to deliver impeccable presentations at lightning speed. Created for the busy professional of today, our neural network takes your basic draft and effortlessly transforms it into slides that will captivate your audience. Less time spent in PowerPoint, more time for what really matters. Try Wonderslide for free and unlock a world of stunning presentations right at your fingertips.
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Create reusable and scalable content with Magpai. Imagine if Photoshop Actions, Figma, and Zapier had a baby. That's Magpai! Combine image and video editing nodes with AI and machine learning in the cloud, all in a collaborative web based platform.
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