The best screenshots and screen recording apps in 2024

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CleanShotOneStream LiveSupademoXnapper Loom
Screenshot apps are software applications or tools that enable users to capture screenshots of their computer or mobile device screens. These apps provide various features to enhance the screenshot-taking experience, such as capturing a specific region or entire screen, annotatin
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155 reviews
Discover a superior way to capture your Mac's screen with built-in annotation and amazing Quick Access Overlay.
Chris Messina
Matt Galligan
Rıza Selçuk Saydam
Chris Messina and 305 others use CleanShot
106 reviews
Claap is the all-in-one video workspace where you can share video updates, record meetings and organize video content. It's screen recording, meeting recording and a video wiki, all in one place.
Ahmed Men
Jonathan Userovici
Emma Ruth Phillips
Ahmed Men and 119 others use Claap
OneStream Live
26 reviews
OneStream Live is a cloud-based live streaming solution to create, schedule, and multistream videos to Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and 45+ other social media platforms and the web simultaneously. 🚀 Upload and schedule pre-recorded videos, create playlists & more 🚀 Invite guests and create branded live streams with Live Studio 🚀 Go live in real-time with any RTMP encoder including OBS, XSplit, Zoom & Wirecast 🚀 Creating personalized webpages for live streaming via Hosted Live Pages
Greg Doig
Shade Odeinde
Catherina Schürmann
Greg Doig and 70 others use OneStream Live
70 reviews
Shottr is a small, fast, human-sized screenshot app built for those who care about pixels. It was crafted with Swift, optimized for M1, and is completely free at the moment.
Gleb Shalimov
Rishi Mohan
Michael Berger
Gleb Shalimov and 148 others use Shottr
33 reviews
Supademo helps teams create interactive demos and guides in seconds. Close more deals, simplify onboarding, and accelerate time-to-value for your users. For free with no code.
Yemi Oyepeju
Joseph Lee
Veta Star
Yemi Oyepeju and 73 others use Supademo
42 reviews
Show your product in action with interactive demos, product videos, and step-by-step guides. Create engaging product content in a breeze with Floik—no matter how quickly your product changes. Educate users, maximize customer delight, and drive adoption.
Ruhani Rabin
Umar Saleem
Aditi Shrivastava | TheCapTable
Ruhani Rabin and 154 others use Floik
97 reviews
Want to share prettier screenshots, neatly centered on a nice background, with rounded corners, or a watermark? Xnapper got you! The app allows you to create shareable screenshots instantly. Snap → preview → share! It's so easy!
Justin Welsh
Daniel Nguyen
Justin Welsh and 165 others use Xnapper
551 reviews
Record on your camera and screen on any device using the Chrome extension, desktop app, or mobile app. Share your video link in a few clicks.
Emily Hodgins
Sam DeBrule
David Babins
Emily Hodgins and 4368 others use Loom
Dropshare 5
21 reviews
Upload screen shots, screen recordings, files, literally anything and share it immediately with anyone by link. Dropshare is your go-to file sharing tool on macOS and iOS that works with almost any popular storage provider and self-hosted solutions.
Corey Quinn
Jonathan Stark
Corey Quinn and 19 others use Dropshare 5
193 reviews
Tango makes it easier to get work done by automatically capturing any process and turning it into an interactive walkthrough—complete with screenshots, descriptions, and curated insights. Just turn on the extension, complete your process as usual, and Tango does the rest. Each click auto-generates a step with text and visuals as you go, creating a beautiful, shareable, interactive walkthrough called a Tango. Share your Tango with just a click, anywhere you store and share knowledge.
Barnabe DUBUS
Maxime Parmentier
Barnabe DUBUS and 158 others use Tango