The best screenshots and screen recording apps in 2024

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Screenshot apps are software applications or tools that enable users to capture screenshots of their computer or mobile device screens. These apps provide various features to enhance the screenshot-taking experience, such as capturing a specific region or entire screen, annotatin
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149 reviews
Discover a superior way to capture your Mac's screen with built-in annotation and amazing Quick Access Overlay.
Chris Messina
Matt Galligan
Rıza Selçuk Saydam
Chris Messina and 272 others use CleanShot
41 reviews
Show your product in action with interactive demos, product videos, and step-by-step guides. Create engaging product content in a breeze with Floik—no matter how quickly your product changes. Educate users, maximize customer delight, and drive adoption.
Umar Saleem
Aditi Shrivastava | TheCapTable
Charlie Patel
Umar Saleem and 132 others use Floik
105 reviews
Claap is the all-in-one video workspace where you can share video updates, record meetings and organize video content. It's screen recording, meeting recording and a video wiki, all in one place.
Ahmed Men
Jonathan Userovici
Emma Ruth Phillips
Ahmed Men and 110 others use Claap
19 reviews
Worktivity is a workforce management software, automating time tracking, and boosting team productivity. Effortlessly monitor work hours, streamline projects, and empower your team with real-time insights. The smart analytics provided by Worktivity enable data-driven decision-making, optimizing resource allocation and enhancing project efficiency. Whether you're working in-office or remotely, Worktivity ensures efficient collaboration and centralized task management.
Denis Gordeev
Manikantan S
Douglas and 45 others use Worktivity
71 reviews
Shottr is a small, fast, human-sized screenshot app built for those who care about pixels. It was crafted with Swift, optimized for M1, and is completely free at the moment.
Gleb Shalimov
Rishi Mohan
Michael Berger
Gleb Shalimov and 138 others use Shottr
14 reviews
TakeaScreen is a Browser Extention supporting: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Edge! Think of it as a screenshot with a twist. With TakeaScreen, you can take screenshots of anything in your browser and apply beautiful background gradients to them.
Tammy Irene
Nancy Cooper
Adnan Jaffery
Tammy Irene and 3 others use TakeAscreen
19 reviews
Pactto is a mobile-first and private-first communication tool for creative pros easily to exchange feedback with precision, nuance, and fidelity. Give feedback on any video, image, audio, or screen recording. Use our palette of pro markup tools, compare multiple assets, save on-device for confidential WIP, and even work 100% offline. Great for video, content, and design professionals who cringe at the thought of long commenting threads and meetings just to clarify feedback.
Demian Borba
Melissa Carter
Ivo Machado
Demian Borba and 52 others use Pactto
32 reviews
Supademo helps teams create interactive demos and guides in seconds. Close more deals, simplify onboarding, and accelerate time-to-value for your users. For free with no code.
Yemi Oyepeju
Jon Marus
T Desh
Yemi Oyepeju and 67 others use Supademo
TagHound - Analytics/GTM/Pixel Debugger helps you validate your pixel implementation. The extension supports 18 analytics and ad platforms, including Google Tag Manager events and dataLayer viewer, to give you a holistic tracking and pixel analysis experience (25000WAU)
Yan Yanko Kotliarsky
Tomer Aharon
Assaf Trafikant
Yan Yanko Kotliarsky and 28 others use TagHound - Analytics/GTM/Pixel Debugger
94 reviews
Want to share prettier screenshots, neatly centered on a nice background, with rounded corners, or a watermark? Xnapper got you! The app allows you to create shareable screenshots instantly. Snap → preview → share! It's so easy!
Justin Welsh
Daniel Nguyen
Justin Welsh and 155 others use Xnapper