The best influencer marketing platforms in 2024

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HeepsyPassionfroot DiscoveryS.idPhylloInfluensly
Influencer marketing tools are software platforms or solutions that assist businesses in managing and optimizing their influencer marketing campaigns. These tools provide features and functionalities to help identify, connect with, and collaborate with influencers for promotional
Sigma - See the Next Generation of Analytics
AI, Data Apps, Python - Attend the launch!
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Maximize the effectiveness of your influencer search with Heepsy. Easily discover, filter, and analyze influencers through a streamlined process. You can effectively identify and analyze influencers who align with your brand and campaign objectives, ensuring targeted and impactful collaborations. 📱 Four networks: Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Twitch #️⃣ Global creators search engine 💬 Audience demographics 📊 Authenticity analysis 💾 Bulk lists and CRM
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Vimal Kutmutia
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10 reviews is an influencer marketing platform that helps gaming companies to engage micro streamers at scale in performance marketing campaigns. Streamers and their communities, on the other hand, get paid for promoting games with
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Victoria Roy
Tatiana Stronskaya
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Discover, book, and collaborate with quality creators to promote your product to +100M people. All creators run their business on Passionfroot - so you get replies fast and make bespoke collaborations as easy as paid ads.
Slava Bobrov
Matteo Tittarelli
Sebastian Esser
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13 reviews is a platform for people to show their expertise in creating microsites and shortening the shortest links with the code is also a marketing tool that makes it easier for people, especially content creators, influencers, and brands
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Phyllo is a universal API pipe that helps developers get access to creator-permissioned data across multiple platforms. This data can be used to power critical use cases in industries such as influencer marketing, financial services, creator tools and Web3.
Arpan Samuel Ramtek
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Privy is the first platform that lets creators collect reviews from their community or past brand collaborations. With in-depth analytics, creators can build social proof and trust online. Privy also offers a new way to advertise for free.
Madalina B
Renly Borris
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AI-powered TikTok advertising service with precise targeting that will boost your organic reach.
Cordelia Bexley
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Input a description of your product and get hundreds of creator recommendations within seconds - BoostBot will then email the creators with personalized emails. Get 5 days of influencer marketing done in 10 minutes with BoostBot!
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📈 Ad costs keep rising and it's going to get worse when the 3rd party cookie tsunami hits 🤝 Partnerships solve the 3rd party problem by multiplying the results of all your marketing activities with 1st and 2nd party data 😌 We make partnerships easy
Vincent Price
Tom Fallowfield
Alena Chetverkina
Vincent Price and 7 others use intribe | Tinder for Brand Partnerships
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Kalodata is a TikTok ecommerce analytics tool that provides insights into sales and ads data. Sellers can identify trending products, connect with top-performing affiliates, conduct competitor analyses, and gain insights from successful videos and livestreams.
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