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Tools to scale training in a sales org
Sigma - See the Next Generation of Analytics
AI, Data Apps, Python - Attend the launch!
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Empowering XDRs to have quality conversations at scale. The days of using hard-copy call scripts and manual click-to-dial workflows are over. Trellus offers real-time cold call coaching while providing you with a hands-free auto dialing experience. Try it today!
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Stop scrambling before sales calls. 1Page delivers pre-meeting insights and conversation starters to effortlessly prepare and build rapport with prospects. Integrating 35+ apps, it offers a 360-degree view of your prospects. More than a sales tool, 1Page is your secret to consistently successful sales meetings. Experience the 1Page advantage and transform your sales meetings today.
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Sharelo is a branching video builder helping sales and marketing teams build emotional connections with customers. With Sharelo, you can provide interactive product demos at scale, add CTAs to get more meeting bookings, and receive video/text responses from within the videos.
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Persuwise: 🚀Craft persuasive email effortlessly! - Profile Enrichment: Gain 360° prospect overview. - AI Profile Insights: Understand motivations & company dynamics. - AI Email Generation: Craft AI-personalized emails instantly. - Writing Assistant: optimize every emails for clarity, persuasion & engagement. 📩 Gmail Ready. 🎁 Free Trial. Designed for sales, focusing on genuine connections. Explore Persuwise and revolutionize your email outreach!
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I pick a product/service and I design pricing using behavioral psychology, decision science, cognitive biases, and nudges. Because pricing psychology is leverage. It’s free.
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This all-in-one guide is your daily sales problem-solving companion, catering to sales executives, managers, and entrepreneurs, whether in startups or established businesses. Unlock the path to exceeding targets and nurturing customer relationships.
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EazyRAG is a ChatGPT-powered Cmd + K designed to reduce customer support requests by 50% and increase your onboarding experience by 10X, all of which will seamlessly integrate with the existing ChatBot provider's UI.
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Meetingly is a conversation intelligence tool that lets professionals and salespersons transcribe, summarize, and extract insights from their sales meetings. Extract buying signals, detect prospect sentiments, get sales recommendations, and much more.
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Are you preparing IR meeting? But feeling not prepared enough? Here is the solution for you. ✅ Step 1. Upload your pitch video ✅ Step 2. See the analysis of your pitch ✅ Step 3. Practice with an investor-persona chatbot and get feedback
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"The IPO Strategy" serves founders as they build roadmaps for innovative ideas, powerful traction, and niche success. Gain exclusive access to the IPO course & AI powered IPO calculator.
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