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Create, edit, test, collaborate and ship a Lottie in the easiest way possible.
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Our animations are powered by LottieFiles. Using Lottie, we bring smooth, high-quality animations to life, enhancing the user experience.
Big thanks to LottieFiles for making things simpler!✨ Thanks for making content more engaging and visually appealing. Lottie made complex animations simple and lightweight! ⚡
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LottieFiles for Canva
Canva now natively supports Lottie. Meet LottieFiles for Canva. Access 100k+ free, ready-to-use customizable Lottie animations plus easily integrate your team's private library into your designs. Add motion to your presentations, websites, social media & more.
Figma to Lottie
Create production-ready animations within Figma and export them as a Lottie. Apply animated presets to a single frame or string together multiple frames to create your fun animation. Bring the power of motion to your designs with LottieFiles for Figma.
Figma to Lottie image
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