The best nft marketplaces in 2024

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eeseeBrewlabs JamitOxalusOhMyMileEpics DAOManialands
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eesee is a gamified marketplace and liquidity solution designed to boost sales, increase trading volume, and reduce the cost barriers of market entry. Our platform hosts token, NFT and RWA raffles. We offer participants a low-risk opportunity to win high-value assets.
Soroosh Rabet
Roney Laurent
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85 reviews
Elevate Your NFTs with Utility Features for Staking, Farming, and Token Trading. Turn Digital Assets into Value and Engagement.
Kazim Akgül
Reis Mesquita
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19 reviews
Brewlabs earn domain is a web3 platform that offers users a complete suite of blockchain utility and products. Buy, sell, swap, stake, airdrop, NFT, indexes and more available for users across the web3 space through a simple user interface.
Linaresceo On IQ
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11 reviews
Jamit is an all-in-one audio platform that allows voice creators to record, publish, and distribute their audio content and recordings. Jamit’s web platform is home to podcasters, talk show hosts, and diverse voice creators.
Eric Simpson
Olumoye Samson
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Oxalus is now an NFT data intelligent platform where users can find AI-powered NFT insights and socialize with other degens in one place!
Jenifer Lee
Sơn Tùng
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The travel app powered by Web3 to make your travels more comfy and profitable. The basic function of OhMyMile is a simple exchange of bonus miles for crypto. Collect miles on all available airlines and redeem it at the same rate in one app.
Sole Survivor
Дмитрий Головченко
Volodymyr Statsenko
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Epics DAO
3 reviews
Buidl To Earn. Epics is a blockchain game (BCG) for social contribution. We leverage gamification and token economics to realize a sustainable environment for open-source software development. Epics platform integrates development, funding, and PR to bolster open-source software, offering token rewards and NFT Card games for diverse contributions, fostering a collaborative and sustainable ecosystem.
Phelisters and 5 others use Epics DAO
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Manialands is a metaverse gaming and NFT marketplace where you can create, play, and trade immersive 3D experiences. Explore, discover, and collect unique NFTs in the manialands metaverse.
Akshara Chanda
Ayesha Mehar
Mujeeb Ur Rehman
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Universal Page is an all-in-one NFT platform that focuses on user experience and creativity. Build your own custom web page, trade NFTs on the (gasless) marketplace, or drop your own collections with the launchpad.
Jake Prins
Nathan Smit
Jake Prins uses Universal Page
✦ Gasless: free minting + listing, no gas fees. You can even do free NFT drops! ✦ Instant royalties (compatible with platforms like Zora). ✦ Mint up to 10,000 editions. All for free. ✦ Eco-friendly NFTs on the 0xPolygon network. Much faster than usual.
Paul Harnepher
Manisha Barla
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