Collect, manage, and share customer testimonials.
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What is Senja?
Collect, manage, and market all the great things customers are loving about your product or service. Senja makes it super easy for your happy customers to leave video and text testimonials, then gives you the tools to create stunning marketing out of them.
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I come from the customer service / success world and I turned my nose up at Senja when I first heard of it. "Oh I already GET reviews and testimonials". I was happily proven wrong when I actually tried them out. What sealed the deal was they imported my brand logo and coloring to make the form, which took the pain entirely out for me (not a designer!)
Absolutely and amazing tool for managing and displaying testimonials. Absolute game changer for building social proof for your product.
Still not many reviews, but I already loved the experience!
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Social Proof Everywhere
Introducing Senja's free Chrome Extension so you can import and share your testimonials, reviews and customer posts everywhere. Every single piece of social proof about your business collected in one place, approved, and ready to use right now.
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Testimonial Wheel By Senja
Senja's customers get 2x more testimonials when they use incentives. Now you can too. Take testimonial collection from "meh" to "hell-yeah!!!"
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