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All-in-one voice, video and chat app built for remote teams
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What is Cosmos Video?
Cosmos is a virtual space for remote teams that helps with real-time collaboration without the hassle of scheduling calls or waiting for replies. Whether it's daily syncs, standups, or spontaneous chats, Cosmos ensures you and your team stay in the flow, enhancing productivity and engagement.
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Recent launches

Cosmos Video 3.0
Cosmos is a meetings tool designed for remote teams.
All meetings across your team happen on a single link allowing you to create visibility in your organization.
Express your personality, hangout and have fun in an immersive virtual world.
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Cosmos Video 2.0
Work and hangout in a shared space
✨ Build culture by sparking casual conversations and hosting socials
🚀 Communicate faster by co-working on shared desks
🔮 Share context by holding all meetings in the same space
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