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Hygraph Studio [Beta]
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Cambrean is the health assistant in your pocket. The first app to analyze sleep, nutrition, workouts & vitals together. Connect your data sources (Whoop, MyFitnessPal, Strava, Oura & more) and start getting insights today.
Dave Jeffery
Ghost Kitty
Jay Peterson
Dave Jeffery and 10 others use Cambrean (Beta)
Our API empowers companies with more meaningful health data. Easily process and embed data from hundreds of wearables with our single integration and gain access to deeper understanding and more actionable insights to drive innovation.
wxs Li
Ina Ross
wxs Li and 10 others use ROOK - An API for Wearable Health Data
6 reviews
FindMyCat is the ultimate pet tracking solution. With a battery that can last upto 6 months, works indoors and outdoors, no monthly subscription fees and a fully open-source solution, it just might be the only pet tracker you'll ever need.
Marketiva Solutions
Dilshad K
Jens Seiler
Marketiva Solutions uses FindMyCat
Apple Watch app to determine your cardio fitness with a beep test, a 20m run between two markers. You must reach the marker before the beep/haptic, don't make it twice, that's your fitness level. You will love & hate this fitness test.
Daryna Petrychenko
Daryna Petrychenko and 5 others use Beep Test Watch
1 review
By stimulating your Vagus Nerve, this lightweight wearable device slows down your heart rate and improves overall well-being. It offers 5 programs designed to reduce Anxiety, Stress, and Insomnia, fight pain and burnout with adjustable levels of stimulation.
Vrishabh Patel
БИЛЭГСАЙХАН ГЭРЭЛХҮҮ and 3 others use Pulsetto
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Knows are the world’s first eyewear with a modular system so you can choose your component sizes to ensure a perfect fit. No more pinching or slipping. Shipping now with 20% off for Product Hunters.
Dima Dewinn
Kieran Boyd-Clark
Dima Dewinn and 0 others use Knows
Merge is on a journey to connect Wear OS to iOS, including the Samsung Galaxy Watch and Google Pixel Watch. Install Merge on your watch today to connect it with your iPhone, enabling seamless control of notifications and the ability to answer calls on the go.
yt M
Der Muffin
Jair MG
yt M and 1 others use Merge - Connecting Wear OS to iOS
Describe your design idea using the textbox. Our AI transforms your input into unique designs. Choose your preferred design and select a color. We expertly print your design on premium cotton. Your custom t-shirt is shipped straight to your door.
Emrah Aydın
Emrah Aydın uses
Revolutionize welding! Our advanced inspection features leverage cutting-edge technologies for precise defect detection and analysis. Experience unmatched efficiency and precision. Join the future of the industry now!
Amir Ebrahimian
Neda Barantalab
Amir Ebrahimian uses Helios Helmet
7 reviews
Cleep Pro is a 4K mini Vlog Cam to capture your life moment with ease. Wear it on sunglasses, on your wrist or fix it on your hat and give unprecedented perspectives to your next video recordings
Manuel Vitiello
Manuel Vitiello uses Cleep Pro