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EyeSpyBarajKnob / k•no•b•1 keyboard by Work LouderPoem/
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My next product is both funny AND useful. PeeSport Pee Bottle is a portable urinal that works for men and women. It's anti-bacterial and, let's be honest, the design of this thing is pretty cool. For camping, festivals and road trips.
Franklyn Gibbs
Amber Foster
Ghost Kitty
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Googly-eyed cartoon characters that watch your mouse cursor as you work. EyeSpy is a free download for Mac on App Store. Additional cartoon characters available via In-App Purchase, some free. The balloon character, Squeaky, floats around the screen!
Ethan Samuel
Andrew Ezra
Elena-Miruna Nedelcu
Ethan Samuel and 9 others use EyeSpy
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Baraj acts as a gatekeeper for your app usage. It connects with your smartphone and allows you to manage access to your apps through a simple tap.
Mehmet Güncü
landindex uses Baraj
The macOS App Icon Book is a beautiful artbook dedicated to preserving the craft of app icon design. It's a vibrant journey through the art of desktop app iconography for macOS.
Paul Scott
Paul Scott uses The macOS App Icon Book
The Knob / k•no•b•1 is a keyboard being designed by 3D Artist and Motion Designer Ben Fryc, and developed by Work Louder. Evoking the look of both classic and modern technology, designed to be a beautiful and functional part of your every day workflow.
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Poem/1 tells the time with a brand new poem every minute, every single day, composed by ChatGPT. It’s sometimes profound, and sometimes weird, and very occasionally it fibs about what the actual time is to make a rhyme work. It has a cute e-paper screen.
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Amiilog is here to improve your collecting experience, offering you a seamless and intuitive way to manage your Amiibo figures. Every collector has their own unique journey, and we're here to support you every step of the way.
0 reviews is a marketplace & tokenization app that makes it easy to own, manage, & trade physical cards on the blockchain. Cards are securely vaulted & insured at Brink's & can be purchased with credit cards or crypto. Cards can be redeemed worldwide 24/7.
Nicolas le Jeune
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Now you can print your AI art in stunning quality. Upload your AI art or make art using our gen AI and choose from posters, canvases and more. We handle the upscaling, printing and shipping. Experience the magic of making truly unique art today. 🤖✨
Husam Machlovi
Ghost Kitty
Husam Machlovi uses Starving Robots Custom AI Prints
Get your very own piece of Retro Tech shipped directly to your home. We will handpick something special for you and you won’t know what it is until you open the box!