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API & React app for ID Verification and Background Checks
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Relm is a first-of-its-kind smart scented wax warmer designed for a modern home aromatherapy experience.
Norayr Margarian
Hannah Price
Jenifer Lee
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Armodilo Display Solutions specializes in cutting-edge Tablet kiosks and Enclosures for diverse sectors such as POS, Healthcare, Tradeshows, Retail, and Hospitality. Our innovative designs seamlessly integrate technology, enhancing user experiences. With a commitment to quality, Armodilo transforms spaces with functional, elegant, and versatile display solutions. Elevate your engagement with Armodilo's state-of-the-art offerings.
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Mohamed Ansary
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Monoblocc is a revolutionary monitor rigging solution, that allows you to attach any accessory directly to your monitor's VESA mount! It uses 15mm camera rig rods and follows common tripod standards, so its fully compatible with aftermarket mounting solutions!
Irene Banks
Mr Tavetski
Brian Raftery
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With over 8 million sold, Aeron is our most admired and recognized ergonomic office chair. Its innovative design and support for a range of postures, activities, and body types, has made and kept Aeron an icon.
Ghost Kitty
Sean Coyle
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The first interactive smart chair for standing desks that keeps you moving without disrupting your workflow. The Movably app seamlessly pairs with the chair and allows you to adjust settings, track progress, and set wellness goals.
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Adha Lee
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The Smart Bundle already includes a petWALK.control. This allows you to control the pet door via an app from anywhere in the world and have complete control at all times.
Hexcal Studio is an advanced workstation that incorporates multiple functions to improve your working experience, boost creativity, and enhance productivity. It creates a serene space on your desktop so you can focus on your work.
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Tiffany Chan
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At ROOM, we’re reimagining the modern workplace. Our first product, ROOM One, is a soundproof booth that helps you get things done. It’s engineered with recycled plastic bottles to do more by using less, and it’s easy to move around and assemble. We ship flat and sell direct to keep costs low, making ROOM One the first to solve noise at scale.
Liz Willette
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Your ideal home office setup. What ever you do, no need to worry about keeping the right posture - relax and focus on your tasks in comfort. Forget back pain!
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IKEA is a European multinational group that designs and sells ready-to-assemble furniture, kitchen appliances and home accessories, among other useful goods and occasionally home services.
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