An open-source platform for building native apps
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What is Expo?
Build, deploy, and quickly iterate on native Android, iOS, and web apps from the same JavaScript codebase.
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Expo was instrumental in bringing our NeoCharge App to life. Its open-source platform allowed us to rapidly develop and deploy our native app across both iOS and Android, significantly reducing our development time and costs. The hot reloading feature was particularly useful for quick iterations on our UI, helping us create a smooth and intuitive interface for our users. Expo's extensive library of pre-built components also enabled us to implement complex features like real-time energy tracking and scheduling with ease. We're grateful for how Expo streamlined our development process, allowing us to focus more on our core functionality of optimizing EV charging.
One of the big ground stones for the app. Expo makes React Native easier to use out of the box, and fixes all the hassle when building and deploying your app to the app stores.
I'm doing all code for web and mobile using react native through the Expo platform.
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Expo for Web Preview
Preview release of web support in Expo! Using React Native you can rapidly develop native apps, websites, trusted web apps (TWAs), desktop and mobile PWAs. This uses react-native-web, which was created by Nicolas Gallagher to build the Twitter mobile website.
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One Punch Fitness

One Punch Fitness is a side-project I built to learn a new programming language (ReasonML) and replace the multitude of sticky notes that are on the wall of my dorm to keep track of my daily workouts. Thanks for checking it out!

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