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Raycast Pro was a runner up for Personal Productivity in 2023
Runner Up • Personal Productivity Product of the Year
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What is Raycast?
Raycast is a blazingly fast, totally extendable launcher. It lets you complete tasks, calculate, share common links, and much more.

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Raycast Wrapped 2023
It's time to reflect on your productivity over the past year. Get insights on Raycast launches, AI usage, top extensions and applications, time spent on meetings, developer stats, and a lot more!
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Raycast Theme Explorer
A tool to easily share, browse and import Raycast Themes.
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flo merian
Use Floating Notes to highlight user testimonials
Floating Notes are a quick way to jot down a thought, a quote from a blog post, or a user testimonials. Capture the window with a product like CleanShot to have a delightful, shareable social media image.
flo merian
Use snippets to run quick, async daily stand-up meetings in Slack
Snippets by Raycast helps you store, search and insert frequently used text. Here's a quick 3-step tutorial to set up and run quick, async daily stand-up meetings in Slack with Raycast: 1. Press the global hotkey to open your Raycast, 2. Create your snippet, 3. Go to your dedicated Slack channel, type your snippet. and voila!
Haneen Mahdin
Add meet.google.com/new as a Quicklink to create instant meetings
If you create instant meetings throughout the day, instead of manually creating a new one. Try this trick with Raycast Quicklinks that uses the Google Meet Shortcut (meet.google.com/new) to instantly create new calls.