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What do people think of Raycast?

The community submitted 402 reviews to tell us what they like about Raycast, what Raycast can do better, and more.
What do you think about Raycast?
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Cristina Bunea
Cristina Bunea
⭐ Top reviewer


14 reviews
I love Raycast. I use command palettes on most apps, so having a more powerful one than the traditional Spotlight is great. I really appreciate the speed at which the team is moving, too. I always see new releases which are exciting.
Max Stoiber
Cofounder & CEO of Stellate
11 reviews
I've been using Raycast as my MacOS launcher for years now, and it's become an integral part of my setup. I have written two custom extensions for my personal use cases, and the developer API is absolutely incredible and easy to use — and the community is super helpful! 11/10 would not use anything else ever again 👏
Peter Wennersten
1 review
This is like a modern Alfred meets the Apple App store. Easy to use with onboarding that encourages a good setup while you learn. The best part is the Store with lots of community actions connecting to all things new.
Valentin Chrétien

Founder & Leadership

8 reviews
I've been using Raycast for months and it's by far one of my favorite apps. The product and the team behind it are fantastic. I set up my new MacBook this week and guess which app I have installed first? 🙈
Adi Goldstein
Adi Goldstein-Composer & Music Producer
29 reviews
I never thought I would leave Alfred for Mac until I met Raycast.
I use Raycast to access Notion, Arc, and many other applications. It is difficult for me to imagine work without a Raycast
Gady Piazza
Senior Software Engineer
5 reviews
Finally an free alternative to Alfred and many other small utilities I used in the past
Corey O
Corey O
Senior Product Manager at SpotOn
4 reviews
Valuable out of the box and then you can customize. Pro worth it for the AI functionality built in
Jason Cutler

Uncaught Exception

23 reviews
Very fast, stable and there are lots of updates. Subscription for AI is a bit steep, but that’s prbably not Raycast’s fault.
I can't imagine using my Mac without Raycast. It is incredibly useful and easily my favorite productivity tool!