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At Skinive we want to raise awareness of fight against skin diseases and provide people with simple&affordable solution for their early detection. Skinive helps users monitor skin's health by analyzing images of moles, rash, spots and other issues.
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Ask any health-related questions to the AI Health Assistant. Upload health records and test results to get a detailed AI Health Report on your symptoms, possible diagnoses, and AI recommendations. Validate the AI Report with Top Doctors from the US & EU.
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You and your loved ones can engrave a name (25 characters) or dream (70 characters) on the A Billion Dreams space plaque, launching on the SpaceX Falcon 9 Transporter-10 Rocket. This plaque, attached to a satellite, will orbit earth for 5-10 years!
Aashni Shah
Alyssia Jovellanos
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At Healsens, we empower individuals with personalized health risk awareness and prevention strategies. By addressing the lack of awareness and enabling timely detection of high-risk groups, we revolutionize healthcare for a healthier future.
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March Health
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Unlock a world of reproductive health with personal health profiles, expert tips, predictive management and risk assessments. Share your journey with your loved ones & connect with experts through a fun, gamified interface!
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Stethophone is a unique application, cleared by the FDA as a medical device. It instantly allows your phone to listen to your heart, keep a history of recording, and provide sophisticated medical outputs to your doctor.
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PooTracker: Empower your bathroom routine like never before. Seamlessly track and analyze your habits, uncover hidden patterns, and make informed decisions for a happier, healthier lifestyle. Achieve bathroom mastery and embrace wellness with confidence!
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The Health & Happiness template is a comprehensive toolkit for health & well-being. Monitor food intake, hydration, fitness, women's health, medications, mental health and more! Access a wealth of resources. Take charge of your physical & mental health today!
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Connect the dots between weather shifts & your wellbeing. 🌦 Get insights on daily patterns, see how they resonate with your energy & mood. Be weather-wise; be wellness-aware! 🌤❄️
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Mediscribe Pro is an AI-powered medical scribing, charting, and documentation tool, catering to the needs of healthcare professionals. Our primary objective is to alleviate the burden of paperwork, thereby minimizing burnout among healthcare professionals.
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