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Sigma - See the Next Generation of Analytics
AI, Data Apps, Python - Attend the launch!
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Compare fares & ETAs across Uber, Bolt, FreeNow, Lyft and other rideshare apps. Find the cheapest & fastest ride, save money & enjoy the convenience of having all options in one place. All of it — for free!
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We are overjoyed to share with you our rebirth — version 3.0 of our app, which has risen anew post-pandemic, a time that challenged many travel startups.
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Easily get water out of your phone's speakers without a technician! It works by playing a special tone that generates sound waves at a frequency that causes the water to be ejected from your smart phone's speakers.
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Ditch your lease, live flexibly. Orca Pass is for remote workers who don’t want a 12mo lease. For $299/yr, unlock access to our network of top-rated monthly rentals at exclusive prices — no fees, deposits, or bad hosts. + benefits that remote workers love!
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Unlock a new era of communication with Tascom! Experience the freedom of virtual phone numbers, Travel eSIM, and hassle-free international calling. Stay connected, make crystal-clear calls, and explore the world effortlessly. 🔗📞🌐.
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Touring is a private tour guide available 24/7 wherever you are. Built with 20% AI, 30% human curated content and 50% of magic 🪄. Can be addictive, use with caution.
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Simplify Your Hotel Business with Our Innovative Software. Experience the future of hotel management with our powerful software. Optimize processes, enhance guest satisfaction, and unlock success. TwixHotel is a complete solution for hotel and resort business.
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Elevate your group travel experiences with Frienzy, the group travel platform that turns your journeys into unforgettable adventures. Seamlessly plan itineraries, capture photos and videos, and stay connected in real time.
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Planning a retreat? Offsite provides a curated marketplace with hundreds of inspiring venues worldwide so you can reconnect IRL with your team, get sh*t done, and have fun. Submit requests with a few clicks, review proposals quickly, and save $$$.
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FlyBasis is the first way to book flights cheaper than directly priced by the airlines in over 2 decades. Don't believe us? Search flights on our website. We are our own GDS which allows us to sell consolidator rates DIRECT to you.
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