Inventing the future, with genetically unique AI pets
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What is Peridot?
Explore the world of Peridot – a franchise brought to you by Niantic focused on building the future. Peridot is a collection of unique experiences that inspire real-world movement while merging cutting-edge technological innovations in augmented reality, generative AI, and spatial computing to enhance gameplay in meaningful ways.
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Recent launches

Hello, Dot
Enjoy the magic of mixed reality with Peridot! Hello, Dot is an all-new experience from the Peridot, built for Meta Quest 3. Hello, Dot brings the joy of caring for your Dots up close and personal: pet them, play together, and feel just how REAL they are.
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Peridot Mobile
Discover the whimsical world of Peridot — a new game from Niantic that augments reality with adoptable adorable magical pets who can hatch 100% genetically unique creatures when you find and match with other players' pets.
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