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Tango was ranked at #4 Product of the year for 2021
#4 Product of the year Product of the Year
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What is Tango?
Tango makes it easier to get work done by automatically capturing any process and turning it into an interactive walkthrough—complete with screenshots, descriptions, and curated insights. Just turn on the extension, complete your process as usual, and Tango does the rest. Each click auto-generates a step with text and visuals as you go, creating a beautiful, shareable, interactive walkthrough called a Tango. Share your Tango with just a click, anywhere you store and share knowledge.
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Recent launches

Tango Guidance
Automatically capture any process and turn it into an interactive walkthrough. Tango now gives you step-by-step guidance right on your screen, with context and insights right where you need them—so you can stay in the flow and get sh*t done. https://tango.us
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Tango 2.0
Automatically create beautiful step-by-step guides with screenshots, in seconds. With Tango 2.0, you can now capture processes outside the browser and invite your entire team to access, edit, and share your hard-earned knowledge.
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