Where time for your work+life+hustle are managed, your way.
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What is Morgen?
The smartest calendar is the one that lets you make the most of your time, your way. Morgen gives you complete control of how you plan, prioritize, and manage your time. - Unify your calendars, task managers, time blocking, and schedulers for a holistic view of your time - Activate calendar automation and deploy the smart workflows that accelerate how you work - Build custom workflows based on how you work and integrated with your favorite tools to create a productivity powerhouse
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Recent launches

Morgen Assist
Morgen Assist is like a smart calendar configured by you, that works with your stack, and ultimately, automates your time your way. Select from ready-built workflows, customize them with code, or build your own with Morgen's APIs.
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TimeTo by Morgen
AI-powered automations that optimize team’s time so they can focus on what matters. TimeTo flexes to your team with customizable workflows, APIs, and integrations with your team's calendar and tools.
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