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anaya malik
1. First off, so expensive. If you want to keep more than THREE videos, JUST THREE at one time, you have to pay, which is dumb. At least it is better than only having your videos in for only three days until it gets deleted, right? Right, but NOW you can only have three videos at a time AND you can only have them in for THREE DAYS. Insanely stupid. Also, they are so money thirsty. 2. If you make audio or a video, it will purposely chip and mess with the audio/video. There is also a feature called 'Clean Audio' that costs money but it is literally just your original audio. How money thirsty. 3. Today, I was exporting a video, and it says "cannot upload right now because all of the layers are not uploaded" it told me to try again in a few seconds. I waited HOURS, leaving my Chromebook OPEN, checking EVERYTHING in the video, everything was uploaded but it was NOT GIVING ME MY VIDEO. When I tried to refresh, it said I might lose some progress, which I didn't want because I worked hours to make this video. After another few minutes or probably an hour, it still didn't work, so I gave in and refreshed. 4. Also, the watermark. They made it BIGGER now, and they even removed the option to have a few watermark-free videos every month without premium. Like that is so stupid to remove it.. 5. Also, you now cannot record videos longer than 15 minutes on the camera option which is useless anyway because you cant export anything more than 4 MINUTES. 6. Also, this site makes my whole Chromebook freeze. It might sound like a "me" problem, but it is not. ALL the other websites work, but if I put a video and a song over it, the sound will start sounding glitchy, my mouse wont move, and everything freezes. I have to shut off my Chromebook, and if I try to work on it again, it freezes up for another time. Once, it happened and I shut my Chromebook, and the sound kept playing when it was COMPLETELY shut. It scared me so much, I shoved it in a closet and covered the sound up, couldn't even shut down my Chromebook cause of the freezing. Trust me, when they ask you for feedback, they WONT LISTEN. They'll make it worse, don't use this site unless its for silly goofy useless projects or what not. Kapwing is by far the worst editing site....
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