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What is UX Tools?
UX Tools is the easiest way to alleviate your tools anxiety by comparing the industry's best UX tools side by side. When was the last time you heard someone ask, "Which is best: InVision, Framer, or Marvel?" Send them a link to uxtools.co and let them decide for themselves.
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2021 Design Tools Survey
📣📊 The 2021 Design Tools Survey results are live!

🧠 We've been crunching numbers for the past month and we're ready to share this year's results!

👀 Find new and exciting tools for your team, see industry trends, and share the knowledge!
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UX Challenges
Stop reading about UX and actually try it out!
💪 Practice with real-world exercises.
🛠 Train yourself in crucial skills and tools.
💼 Take away portfolio-worthy deliverables.
👩🏻‍💻 Useful for beginners and experts alike.
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