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Equip your sales team with the new intelligent sales CRM. Salesflare capitalizes on the data that is already available (in email, phone, calendar, contacts, social ...) to automate the usual administration. We then add artificial intelligence to help you sell more, from contact to contract
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Recent launches

Email Workflows by Salesflare 💌
Product Hunt’s most popular CRM (1300+ upvotes) is now launching Email Workflows, making it easy to automate all your emails straight from your CRM. Works with Gmail, Office 365 and any other inbox. Upgrade your toolset with CRM and email automation in one.
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Sales Pipeline Masterclass by Salesflare
Discover eight essential steps to the ultimate sales pipeline:
🎯 Define your target market
📝 Build a lead list
🔥 Warm up leads
📆 Book and run sales meetings
🚦 Qualify leads
🛠 Sales pipeline management
🤝 Sales negotiations and closing
📢 Sales referrals
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